Civil War Generals with ties to Trumbull County Ohio


Major General Jacob Dolson Cox
Born October 27, 1828 Montreal Canada
Died August 4, 1900, Glouchester, MA
Buried:Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio

Resident of Warren, Ohio 1853 – 1866,
Lawyer, Superintendent, Warren Public Schools
1859 – 1861:Ohio State Senator
April 1861:Brigadier General, Ohio Volunteers
October 1862: Major General
Spring 1863:Commander, Department of the Ohio
December 1863: Commander, 23rd Army Corp
1866 – 1869: Governor, State of Ohio
1869 – 1870: U.S. Secretary of the Interior
1877 -1879: U.S. Representative from Ohio
1881 – 1897: Dean, Cincinnati University School of Law
1884 – 1889: President, University of Cincinnati


Brevet Maj. General Emerson Opdycke
Born: Hubbard, Trumbull County, Ohio January 7, 1830
Died: New York City, April 25, 1884
Buried: Oakwood Cemetery,Warren, Ohio

Co-owner, operator: Patch & Opdycke Dry Goods, Warren
July, 1861: Private, 41st Ohio Infantry
August, 1861: First-Lieutenant, 41st Ohio Infantry
January, 1862: Captain, 41st Ohio Infantry
April, 1862: Wounded twice at Battle of Shiloh, TN
Commander, Ohio “Squirrel Hunter’s” Militia
Colonel: 125th Ohio Infantry
September, 1863: Wounded, Battle of Chickamauga
May, 1864: Wounded: Resaca, GA
August, 1864: Commander,1st Brigade, 2nd Division, 4th Army Corp
February, 1865: Brevet Brigadier General
Spring, 1865: Brevet Major General
July 1865: Full Brigadier General



Brig. General Mortimer D. Leggett
Born: April 19, 1831 Ithaca, New York
Died: Cleveland, Ohio April 25, 1896
Buried: Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio

Organized first system of classified public schools in Ohio in Akron
Lawyer, Superintendent, Warren Schools
1857: Lawyer, Superintendent, Zanesville, Ohio Schools
December 1861: Lieutenant Colonel, 78th Ohio Infantry
January 1862: Colonel,78th Ohio Infantry
April 1862: Wounded at Battle of Shiloh, TN
May 1862: Wounded at Corinth, MS
Brigade Commander
August, 1862, Wounded Bolivar, TN
November 1862: Brigadier General
November 1862: Wounded Champion Hills, MS
Spring 1863: Wounded twice at Fort Hill, MS during siege of Vicksburg
July 1863: Commander, 3rd Division, 17th Army Corp
July 1864: Brevet Major General
January 1865: Major General
1871 – 1875  U.S Commissioner of Patents
President, Brush Electric Company


Cyrus Bussey
Born: October 5, 1833 Hubbard, Trumbull County Ohio
Died: March 2, 1915: Washington D.C.
Buried: Arlington National Cemetery

1858: Iowa State Senate
August 10, 1861: Colonel of the 3rd Iowa Cavalry
Command of the District of Eastern Arkansas
January 5, 1864: Brigadier General of Volunteers
March 13, 1865: Brevet Major General
1889: Assistant Secretary of the Interior, Pension Bureau




Brevet Brig. General James D. McCleary  (McCleery)
Born: December 2, 1837, Mecca, Trumbull County, Ohio
Died: November 5, 1871, New York City
Buried: Christian Church Cemetery, Cortland, Trumbull County, Ohio

August 1861: Second-Lieutenant, 41st Ohio Infantry
January, 1862: First-Lieutenant, 41st Ohio Infantry
April, 1862: Wounded at Battle of Shiloh, TN; lost right arm
September, 1862: Captain, 41st Ohio Infantry
November, 1864, Major, 41st Ohio Infantry
1866: Captain, 45th U.S. Infantry
Dated to March, 1865, Brevet Colonel, 41st Ohio Infantry
Dated to March, 1865, Brevet Brigadier General
1866: Appointed to Freedman’s Bureau, Occupational Forces, Louisiana
1870: Superintendent Public Schools, Shreveport, LA
1871: Elected to U.S. Congress from Louisiana


Brevet Brig. General Robert Wilson Ratliff

Born: June 30, 1822, Warren, Ohio
Died: September 14,1887, Warren, Ohio
Buried: Oakwood Cemetery,Warren, Ohio

August 1861: Lieutenant Colonel, 2nd Ohio Cavalry
November, 1863: Colonel,12th Ohio Cavalry
March, 1865: Brevet Brigadier General
1st Cashier, Second National Bank of Warren



John Johnson Elwell
Born: June 22, 1820, Warren
Died: March 13, 1900: Cleveland
Buried: Woodland Cemetery, Cleveland

Physician and Attorney
1853 – 1855: Representative, Ohio State House
August 1861: Captain, Quartermaster’s Division, U.S> Volunteers
August 1862: Lieutenant Colonel, Assistant QuarterMaster, U.S. Volunteers
1863: Chief Quartermaster, Department of the South
Gillmore Medal for meritorious conduct
March 1865: Brevet Brigadier General, U.S. Volunteers
Known as a “love interest” of Civil War nurse and, later, Red Cross founder Clara Barton. The two met during the war in South Carolina and remained close friends. Historians debate about the seriousness of their alleged romantic relationship.


Jasper Packard
Born: February 1, 1832,Trumbull County Ohio
Died: December 13,1899, LaFayette, IN
Buried: Soldier’s Home Cemetery

Schoolteacher, Journalist and Lawyer

Attended Oberlin College and University of Michigan
October 1861: Private 48th Indiana Infantry, Co. D
January, 1862: First-Lieutenant, Co. D
September, 1862: Captain, Co. C
March, 1864: Lieutenant Colonel, 128th Indiana Infantry
June, 1865: Colonel, 128th Indiana Infantry
Dated to March, 1865: Brevet Brigadier General
1869 – 1875: U.S. Congressman from Indiana
Commandant, Indiana State Soldier’s Home