Soldiers A-H

OVC = Ohio Volunteer Cavalry   OVI = Ohio Volunteer Infantry  VRC = Veteran Reserve (Invalid) Corp  HA=Heavy Artillery
other states abbreviated

Abell, Charles S.  19th OVI Co. C (3 mo’s), 84th OVI Co. C,  2nd Lt., U.S. Army, Adj. Gen. Offfice (1841- 1911 New Orleans) Warren  
Abell, Henry T.  6th OVC, 2nd OVC Co. I  (1833 – 1862 Indian Territory) Mecca
Abell,  James S.  6th OVC Co. I, Captain, (1828-1864 k.Hawes Shop, VA) (also Mexican War veteran) Warren
Abell,  John W.   6th OVC, 2nd OVC Co. I, A,  25th OH Battery (1820-1865 Little Rock, AR)  Mecca
Abell, Robert S.  105th OVI Co. I Corporal, Veteran Reserve Corp (1837- 1885 Oakwood Cem) Warren
Abrams, Edwin Z.  125th OVI Co. C,  (1844- k.1863 at Chickamauga, GA) Bristol
Ackley, William W.   14th OH Battery, (1843-1911 Geauga Co.) Bloomfield
Adams, Alexander A. “Colonel”, recruiter, (1825- 1905 Brookfield) Brookfield
Adams, Asael  19th OVI Co. C, Sgt.  wounded at Stones River,  (b.1842) Liberty
Adams, Augustus A.  171st OVI Co. D,  (1826-1908) Girard 
Adams, Austin J. 105th OVI Co. K, Sgt. (1836-1916 Cleveland, OH) Mesopotamia
Adams, Christopher  171st OVI Co. B  (1846-1918 Mahoning Co.) Weathersfield
Adams, David J.   (1823 – 1913 Oakwood Cem.) Warren 
Adams, Emery J.  87th OVI Co. B, (1839 – 1895 Windsor, Ashtabula Co.) Mesopotamia
Adams, Henry  105th OVI Co. G, Lt., (1835- 1863 Murfreesboro, TN, Oakwood Cem) Warren 
Adams, Henry  77th Illinois Infantry Co. E, (1829 – 1865 Peoria, IL ) Warren
Adams, Homer S. 171st OVI Co. D, (1830-1913 Sandusky, Ohio Soldiers Home) Liberty
Adgate,  Ulysses J.  19th OVI Co. G, musician,  (1829-1897, Oakwood Cem) Howland
Adkins, Dennis J.  125th OVI Co. B, (1822-1885  Evergreen North)  Johnston
Ague, Freeman  6th OVC Co. G (b.1841) Brookfield
Ague,George B.    19th OVI Co. B  wounded at Nashville, (1848-1922 Blair Co. PA) Hubbard 
Ague, Henry 19th OVI Co. B (1844 – k.1863 Stones River) Hubbard
Ague, James   112th IL Co. K   wounded & captured at Richmond, KY, VRC, (1826-1910 Rock Island, IL) Weathersfield 
Ague, Nathaniel  25th OH Light Battery, (1824-1864, Little Rock, AR, Little Rock Nat’l Cem) Weathersfield
Ague, William   19th OVI Co. B, (1845-1901 IL) Hubbard
Ague,  William K.  25th OH Independent Battery, (1828-1900  Riverside- Kerr Cem) Mineral Ridge
Albertson, Alfred L.F.  3rd PA Heavy Artillery, Former Mayor of Newton Falls,(1848-1930, Wes Res Mausoleum) Newton Falls
Alderman, Riley  Trumbull Guards, Musician (1818-1880 Nat’l Military Home, Dayton) Brookfield
Aldrich, Morey L.  2nd VT Inf. Co. G, Sgt. (1831-1881, Fowler Cem.) Fowler
Alford, Thomas J.   16th PA Cav Co. I, (1846-1912, Oakwood Cem) Warren
Alger, Warren G.  29th OVI Co. C, (1844 – 1920 North View) Gustavus
Allee, Zalmon. B.  23rd OVI Co. B  (1839-1926 West View)  Vernon 
Allen, Colonel Ethan 6th OVC Co. D, Wagoner, U.S. Navy (1834-1915 Detroit) Newton
Allen, Calvin   1st OH Light Artillery, Battery A (1835 -1863 City Point, VA) Newton Falls
Allen, Darwin F.  125th OVI Co. B, Corporal,  171st OVI Co. G, Sgt. (1840 – 1916 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Allen, George C.  2nd OVC Co. D  Sgt., (1837- 1925, Greenlawn)  Greene
Allen, George W. 19th OVI Co. C, Corporal,  wounded at Stone River, Chickamauga (1841 – 1908 Newton Falls East) Newton Falls
Allen, Harrison  14th OH Battery  (1841-1862) Orangeville
Allen, Henry W. 19th OVI Co. C, (1837-1891) Newton Falls
Allen, Hiram G.  171st OVI Co. I  (1828-1870 Newton Falls East ) Newton
Allen, Isaac T.    171st OVI Co. G   captured & paroled, (1828-1902) Kinsman
Allen, Joel N.   6th OVC Co. D, (1844 – 1919 Center)  Braceville
Allen, John M.  171st OVI Co. G  captured & paroled (1828 – 1907) Kinsman
Allen, Lyman  41st OVI Co. A, Corporal,  QuarterMaster Sgt., 5th U.S. Colored Troops, Ass’t Surgeon (1838- d. Los Angeles, CA) Vernon
Allen, Nathan T. 43rd OH Co. C, (1836-1922 Mesopotamia) Greene 
Allen, Robert D.  105th OVI Co. C, Sgt. (1831-1901 CA) Weathersfield
Allen, Robert M.  78th PA Co. B, (1838-1913, Newton Falls East) Newton  
Allen, Wilbur W.  23rd OVI Co. B   wounded at Cedar Creek, (b. 1834 – ? Williamsfield Center Cem.) Kinsman
Allen, William Henry (aka James William Allen) 19th OVI Co. C, (d. 1891 Newton Falls East)  Newton Falls
Allen, William W.  6th OVC Co. I, (1832 – 1896 Center) Braceville
Allison, Abner C.   84th OVI Co. C, 171st OVI Co. B, Sgt.  (1842-1914 Niles Union) Weathersfield
Allison, Peter C.  19th OVI Co. C   (1842 – k.1863 Chickamauga,GA)  Liberty
Ames, Horace B.  41st OVI Co. A  (1840- k.1862 Shiloh, Shiloh Nat’l Mil Cem) Fowler
Anderson, Alvin  2nd OVC Co. E POW, (1840-1893) Liberty 
Anderson, Clarence Lyndon   6th OVC Co. G, Sgt. (1843-1864 Washington D.C.) Liberty
Anderson, James  124th OVI Co. E (b. 1820) Weathersfield 
Anderson, James B. 1st Louisiana Heavy Artillery (Confederate) Major (k. 1863 AK) Warren
Anderson, Joseph W.   2nd OVC Co. D, ( 1844- 1910 Belmont), Liberty  
Anderson, Oliver K.  171st OVI Co. H, (1845-1912, Evergreen Cem, Bristol)  Champion
Anderson, Thomas  105th OVI Co. I, (1840-1921, Bloomfield Cem) Bloomfield
Anderson, William  19th OVI Co. C, (1840-1864 Andersonville, GA)  Howland
Anderson, William   2nd OVC Co. A, Farrier (1841-1917) Bloomfield 
Anderson, William H.  86th OVI Co. G, 177th OVI Co. D, (d. Brunswick, GA  1873)
Andrews, Andrew A.  177th OVI Co. E  (1846-1924 Bennington, OK)  Bristolville
Andrews, David M.  42nd OVI Co. A (1844-1911 Welsh Hill)
Andrews, Edwin C. 171st OVI Co. A (1844 -1912 Oakwood Cemetery) Warren
Andrews, Elmer H. 105th OVI Co. I  (1841-1862 Perrysville, KY  King-Kennedy) Howland
Andrews, Lyman P.   171st OVI Co. G   captured & paroled, (1822-1864 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Andrews, Simon H.  125th OVI Co. B, (1839 – 1868 West Bazetta)  Bazetta
Angstadt, Charles H. 86th OVI Co. G, (1844-1930 Oakwood) Warren
Angstadt, John  14th OH Battery (1843-1862 Louisville, KY, Cave Hill Nat’l Cem) Warren
Angles, Abraham  2nd Ohio Heavy Artillery Battery G, (1845-1922, Kinsman New) Kinsman
Ankney, Henry  3rd WV Cav Co. F Saddler (1838 – 1903 Niles Union)  Niles
Anthony, Harvey  6th OVC Co. B (1844-1863 Old Kenilworth) Greene
Anthony, Oliver Squirrel Hunters Militia (b. 1819) Greene
Anthony, Senes J.  19th OVI Co. C (1840-1909 Boulder, CO)  Warren
Applegate, John  171st OVI Co. C,   (1844-1907 Churchill) Church Hill
Applegate, Joseph H.  105th OVI Co. I, Corporal,  killed at Perryville (1840-1862, Seceders Corners)Liberty
Arch, John  20th U.S. Colored Troops Co. K,  (d. 1814-1915 Highland Park, Cleveland) Warren  
Arner, David T. 19th OVI Co. B (3 mo’s) (1833-1890) Warren
Arnet, Andrew  19th OVI Co. C  (1838-1906 KS)  Warren
Asper, Ephraim  171st OVI Co. H,  (1831-1876 Mesopotamia Twp Cem)  Mesopotamia
Asper, Joel F.  7th OVI, Capt. Co. H,  Lt. Col.,  171st OVI, Col., post-war Congressman (MO)  (1822-1872 Chillicothe, MO)  Warren
Atwater, Sylvanus B., Sgt. 27th IL Inf. Co. G (1835 – 1908 Viola, Viola , IL) Bazetta
Atwell, William P.  37th WI Co. G, Lt., post-war diplomat, U.S. Consul to Germany & France (1845-1911 Ghent, Belgium) Warren  
Atwood, Andrew J. 14th OH L.A., 177th OVI Co. G (1836-1903 Milwaukee Veterans Home) Warren
Augustine, Levi A.  19th OVI Co. B  (1841-1919 Maple Grove) Coitsville
Austin, Charles A.  125th OVI Co. B, (1838-1896) Gustavus
Austin, William H.  177th OVI Co. E,  (b. 1846)  Warren

Babcock, Enos  191st OVI Co. F, (1834-1902 Clyde, OH) Warren
Bacon, Clinton  41st OVI Co. A    (1840-k.1863 Chickamauga, GA) Vernon
Bacon, Elmer  14th OH Battery, (1838-1898 Los Angeles, CA Evergreen Cem) Bazetta
Bacon,Oliver  14th OH Battery (1841-1896 IL) Bazetta
Bader, James E. 20th OVI Co. H, Sgt. (1835-1911 AR)  Lordstown
Baehr, John  37th OVI Co. I, Sgt. (1833-1911 Western Reserve Mausoleum) Warren
Baer, George  Civilian employee of U.S. QuarterMaster Dept (1820 – 1900 Center) Brookfield
Bailey, Alvin C., Trumbull Guard, Sgt. (1839-1909 MN) Greene
Bailey, Abraham D.  171st OVI Co. F, Sgt.  captured & paroled, (1839-1898 Pine Knoll) Lordstown
Bailey, Ambrose J.,  105th OVI Co. I, wounded at Mission Ridge, (1840-1864 Nashville, TN)  Gustavus 
Bailey, Austin  6th OVC, 2nd OVC Co. D  (1835- 1920 Leavenworth Soldier’s Home, KS) Gustavus
Bailey, Daniel  121st OVI Co. H (1827-k.1863, Chickamauga,GA,  Luthern Cem.)  Newton
Bailey, Edwin L.  6th OVC Co. A  (1842-1862, Washington DC, Pioneer Cem) Greene
Bailey, George H.  1st WI Cavalry Co. B, Saddler  (1834-1871 Oakwood Cemetery) Brookfield
Bailey, George W. 2nd OVC Co. D,177th OVI Co. I, Sgt. (b.1833) Mecca 
Bailey, Horace H. 19th OVI Co. C (1839-k.1862 Shiloh) Mineral Ridge
Bailey, James G.   19th OVI Co.C   1st  Lt., (1840-1930 CA) Weathersfield
Bailey, Joel F.  19th OVI Co. B, ( 1841- 1923  Belmont Elm Sec.) Hubbard
Bailey, John Peter  6th OVC Co. F Sgt. (1841-1865, German Luthern Cem.) Newton
Bailey, Joseph  Trumbull Guards,  (1826-1897, Hillside Cemetery) Cortland
Bailey, Mahlon  47th Indiana Inf. Co. C,  (1840-1913 Sager Cem) Bristol
Bailey, Nelson H.  29th OVI Co. C  Sgt, wounded & captured Port Republic, held Lynchburg & Belle Isle, paroled,  wounded at Marietta, GA, (1842-1915, Oakwood Cem) Gustavus.
Bailey, Orin M.  Squirrel Hunter Militia, Greene
Bair, John M.   120th OVI Co. H, 48th OVI Co. H, 114th OVI Co. K, First Lt., (1847-1887) Brookfield
Baird, Aaron D.  86th OVI Co. G, (1845-1907 Burton, OH) Mesopotamia
Baker, Alvin  103rd OVI Co. D, Corporal (1844-1923 Kent, OH)  Bazetta
Baker, Cassius N.  14th OH Battery, Bugler, (1844-1919 KS)  Mesopotamia 
Baker, Zenas W.  Quarter Master clerk, Washington D.C., (1825 – 1890) Bloomfield 
Baker, James T.  211th PA Co. D,Corporal,  wounded Petersburg, (1844-1920) Brookfield  
Baldwin, Edward   seaman USS Lackawanna,  3rd U.S. Artillery Co.C, (1852-1898 East Cem.) Mecca
Baldwin, Ensign N.  171st OVI Co. A, ( 1847-1915 Ridge-Rand) Fowler
Baldwin, George S.  155th OVI Co. D, (1827-1879 Niles Union) Niles
Baldwin, Harris Dwight  171st OVI Co. H   captured & paroled,  (1845-1935 Vienna Center) Fowler
Baldwin, Jerub H.   2nd OH Heavy Artillery Battery G, (1832-1878 Hillside Cem) Cortland
Baldwin, James G.   2nd OVI Co. D, Captain, 41st KY Lt. Col.,  137th OVI Co. G, Captain, (1835-1915 Cincinnati) Warren
Baldwin, William C.  7th OVI Co. H, disabled, (1825-1903)  Farmington 
Bale, George W. 6th OVC Co. I, wounded at Luray, VA, (1834-1907 IA)  Farmington
Ball, Fayette E.  Landsman, gunboat Santiago de Cuba, also 6th OVC Co. F,  (1838-1889 NF East) Newton Falls 
Ball, Edwin Osborn  6th OVC Co. A  (b. 1825) Greene
Ball, Solomon  105th OVI Co. A (1822-1892 KS) Greene
Ballard, Clisby S.   105th OVI Co. B, ( 1839 – 1922 Niles Union)  Howland 
Ballard, Edwin A.  74th OVI Co. H, 1st Lt., (1838-1903 CO)  Bristol
Ballard, Jonathan  105th OVI Co. B (1820- k.1862 Perryville, KY) Howland
Ballard, Luther M.  41st OVI Co. B, (1835-1863) West Farmington
Bancroft, Hiram O.  Squirrel Hunters Militia,  (1835-1900 Youngstown)  Girard 
Bancroft, Pomeroy E. 6th OVC Co. I, Corporal, (1838 – 1921 Delaware Co., IA) Mecca 
Banfield, George   Trumbull Guards, (b.1821) Hubbard
Barb,  Gabriel P.  105th OVI Co. I,  (1843-1915, Fairview)  Mesopotamia
Barb, John M.  196th OVI Co. D, (1837-1870 Evergreen) Bristol 
Barber, Alfred 6th OVC Co. A (1836-1922 Cleveland)  Bloomfield
Barber, Charles E.  171st OVI Co. F  (1846-1925 Newton Falls East )  Newton Falls 
Barber, Henry  41st OVI Co. A (1843-1926 KS)  Fowler
Barber, Seth  7th OVI Co. D, 14th L.A.  (1842-1917 Painesville) Gustavus
Bard, James H.  105th OVI Co. C, 1st Lt. (1823-1901 OR) Liberty
Baringer, David  20th OVI Co. H,  (1839-1901 Welsh Hill) Weathersfield  
Baringer, John Peter  6th OVC Co. C, 2nd OVC Co. A. POW (1842-1925 Conneaut, OH) Vernon 
Barnard, Frederick B. (Banard) 169th PA Co. A (b.1843) Kinsman
Barnard, James B.  2nd OVC Co. D, 171st OVI Co. H, Captain (1838-1913 Garretsville, OH)  Farmington
Barnes, George  41st OVI Co. A, (1839-k.1864 Pickett’s Mills, GA, Marietta GA Nat’l Cem) Fowler
Barnes, Philemon S. 6th OVC, 2nd OVC Co. M, (1838-1915 Weeping Water, NE)  Gustavus
Barnes, Porter W.  2nd OVC, (1843 – 1865 Andersonville Prison)  Gustavus
Barnes,  Rollin D.  125th OVI Co. D, (1819-1880, Disciples) Cortland
Barnes, Upson  Squirrel Hunters, (1832-1870 Old Gustavus) Bloomfield
Barnett, Joseph F. 22nd PA Cav. Co. K, (1846-1933 Elizabeth Cem. PA) Girard
Barnett, William F.  19th OVI Co. C, (1841-1917 Hillside Cem)  Cortland
Barnhart, James A.  41st OVI Co. A,  wounded at Mission Ridge (1842-1913) Bazetta
Barnum, Ammon D.  7th OVI Co. H  ( 1828-1863 Harper’s Ferry, WV, Center), Braceville
Barnum, Eli  57th IL Co. A, Captain, (1836-1872) Braceville  
Barnum, Henry 171st OVI Co. F, (1837-1917 Chardon Cem.) Braceville
Barnum, Samuel H. 19th OVI Co. C (3 mo’s), 7th OVI Co. H , wounded at Chancellorsville, (1839-1863 Center) Braceville
Barr, Allen N.  6th OVC Co. D, 84th OVI Co. C (1844-1917 Paltzgroff Cem) Johnston 
Barrett, William T.  6th OVI Co. G, Sgt. (b. 1839) Liberty
Barringer, John  171st OVI Co. C, (b. 1846 Bowers Spitler Cem) Bristol
Bartholomew, Erastus W.  105th OVI Co. C, captured at Chickamauga (1819-1864, Andersonville Nat’l Cem)  Vienna
Bartholomew, Miles Marshall  Trumbull Guards  (1844-1933 NJ) Vienna
Bartholomew, Seth  Trumbull Guards, Sgt., (1829-1893 West Street) Hartford
Barton, Edward T.  2nd OVC Co. D,  saddler, (1833 – 1908 W. Farmington) Mesopotamia
Barton, Ira (Stephen M.)  7th OVI Co. G (3 mo’s) Co. F,  (1837-1926 Center) Braceville
Barton, Jeremiah H. 19th OVI Co. F (3 mo’s), Corporal  (1837-1906) Bristol
Barton, Warren D.  104th OVI Co. D, 23rd Engineers Corp, (1838-1934 Ridge-Rand Cem.)  Orangeville
Bascom, Alice A.  Nurse  (1828 – 1911 Grand Rapids, MI, Greenlawn) Greene
Bascom, John   7th WI Infantry Co. A, wounded at The Wilderness, (1833-1864 WI) Johnston
Bascom, Linus  7th WI Infantry Co. A, Sgt., wounded at South Mountain, MD, (1831-1862)  Johnston 
Basford, Franklin A.  6th OVC Co. I, 138th OVI Co. G (1837-1909 MI)  Mecca 
Bates, Absalom  14th PA  Cav. Co. H, (1846-1917 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Bates, Chauncey N. 18th OVI Co. A, (1835-1906) Mesopotamia
Bates, Edward P.  19th OVI Co. D (3 mo’s), 125th OVI Co. C, Captain, Lt. Col. (1838-1916 CA) Mecca
Bates, Edwin W.  179th OVI Co. A, ( 1832-1865 Nashville, Fairview Cem.)  Mesopotamia
Bates, Irwin J. Trumbull Guards  (1843-1922 West Street Cem)  Hartford
Battles, Benjamin T.  19th OVI Co. G   wounded at Atlanta, (1840-1929 Hillside) Bazetta
Battles, John F.  171st OVI Co. B, (1846-1882 Niles Union) Weathersfield
Beach, Henry L.  29th OVI, musician  (1831-1910  Westview)  Vernon
Beach, Jason  2nd OVC Co. C, (1846-1947 Westview)  Vernon
Beach, James  2nd OVC Co. C,  (1839-1908, Westview)  Burghill
Beach, Kirtland  41st OVI Co. A, (1845-1862 Nashville, North Cem.) Fowler
Beach, L.L.  Captain, local militia (d. 1861) Vernon
Bear,  Abner  105th OVI Co. B  wounded at Perryville, (1843-1925 Maple Grove) Hubbard 
Bear, Enos  105th OVI Co. B (1841-1888) Brookfield
Bear, George W.  26th OVI Co. G, Corporal   wounded at Sewel Mountain, Corinth MS, (1838-1913 Oaklawn Mausoleum) Warren
Bear, Lafayette  171st OVI Co. B  (1827-1893 Niles Union) Niles
Beatty, James  1st DE Infantry Co. A (3 mo’s), 19th OVI Co. B, Sgt., POW, (b.1843) Liberty
Beaver, George R.   171st OVI Co. D  captured Cynthiana, KY,  (1841-1914 Girard-Liberty Union) Girard
Beaver, Levi  19th OVI Co. B, (1835-1907 Liberty Union) Girard
Beckwith, Charles H.  29th OVI Co. E (1844-1918, Evergreen Cem.) Bloomfield
Beckwith, George 2nd HA, Co. M, 29th OVI Co. C, Sgt, QM Sgt.  (1843-1927) Gustavus
Beckwith, Ira  105th OVI Co. I, (1837-1924 Los Angeles Soldier’s Home) Mesopotamia
Beckwith, Samuel R. Dr.   Recruiting Officer for Ashtabula County (1823-1911 Denver, CO)  Kinsman
Beddow, Thomas B.  2nd OH Artillery Battery F, 6th PA H.A. Battery I (1848-1929 Niles Union) Niles
Bee, Isaiah  Weaver’s Independent PA Cavalry (1848-1935 Niles Union) Niles
Beebe, John M.  6th OVC Co. B,  2nd OVC Co. M,  25th OH Battery, Corporal, wounded at Little Rock, AK,(1844-1899 Evergreen South) Johnston
Beebe, Ralph D. 87th OVI Co. B  captured & paroled  Harper’s Ferry,  21st U.S. Infantry Co. K, (1846-1914 East Mecca) Johnston
Beech, Cartlin  41st OVI Co. A  (1844-1862 Silver Springs, TN)
Beil, Alexander  20th OVI Co. H, (1839-1862 Twp. Cem.) Lordstown
Belden, Austin H. 14th OH Battery,  171st OVI Co. H, 196th OVI Co. E, (1839-1893 Fairview Cem.) Mesopotamia
Belden, Hamlet B.  171st OVI Co. H, wounded at Keller’s Bridge, (1846-1864 Covington, KY, Hillside Cem.)  West Farmington
Belden, Josiah W.  171st OVI Co. H, (1836-1892 West) Farmington  
Bell, Edward M. 105th OVI Co. B (1825-1890 NJ)  Braceville
Bell, James H.  61st OVI Co. D, 1st Lt.  (1822-1873 Columbiana, OH) Liberty
Bell, Job D.  19th OVI Co. C   Lt., (1839- k.1863,Stones River, TN,  Oakwood Cem.) Warren
Bell, John T, 125th OVI Co. C, Hubbard
Bell,  John W.  84th OVI, U.S. Navy, U.S. gunboat “General Pillow” (1845-1895, Oakwood Cem) Warren  
Bellard, John  2nd OH Heavy Artillery Battery G, (1829-1915 Bellevue, OH) Mineral Ridge 
Bement, Frank H. 185th NY Co. F (1846-1934 Oak Park, IL)  Warren
Bender, Edward 40th NY Co. G, Corporal  (1833-1901 Greenlawn)  Kenilworth
Bender, Ephraim   100th PA Co. K,  (1835-1898  Welsh Hill Cem.) McDonald
Benedict, Charles 19th OVI Co. G  (1842-1908 OR) Braceville
Benedict, Isaac H.  2nd OH Heavy Artillery Battery G, Corp. (1835-1923 Center) Braceville
Benedict, Oscar F.  29th WI Co. I,   (1833-k.1863 Vicksburg, MS) Braceville 
Bennett, Charles E. 6th OVC Co. F, (1842-1917 N F East Cem.) Newton 
Bennett, Charles H.  41st OVI Co. A, Sgt. wounded at Browns Ferry, TN., (1842-1863 Nashville, Kinsman New Cem.)  Kinsman  
Bennett, Christopher Avery  41st OVI Co. A, wounded at Stones River,  (1842-1863 Nashville Nat’l Cem) Hartford
Bennett, Jonathan F.  16th WI Co. F, died of wounds at Shiloh,(1834-1862) Bristol
Bennett, Judson – see Bowker, Jeremiah  
Benson, James W.  7th OVI Co. H (1834-1906 West)  Farmington
Benson, Nathan F.  72nd NY Co. C, E  (1838-1925 Kinsman New Cem) Kinsman
Bentley, Cornelius  2nd OVC Co. C, ( 1839-1916 Center) Braceville 
Bentley, John E.  84th IL CO. H, 2nd Lt.  (1838-1918, Brookfield Cem.) Hubbard
Bentley,Joshua Emery  19th OVI Co. B  (1835-1863 Stones River Nat’l Cem)  Hubbard  
Bentley, Martin V.  171st OVI Co. C   captured & paroled  Keller Bridge, KY, (1844-1930 Union Cem) Hubbard
Benton, Albert  2nd Battery, Ohio L.A. (1840-1892 Valley View, McPherson Co.KS) Fowler
Berger, John  171st OVI Co. F  (1822 – 1891 N F East) Newton
Berry, Lyman Austin   6th OVC Co. A, 2nd Battalion, VRC (1834-1915 Elberta, MI,  Brownwood Cem) Bloomfield
Bettiker, Henry   5th IN Cavalry Co. M,  wounded Buffington Island, captured Macon GA, (1846-1921East Mecca)  Mecca
Betts, James  V.  111th PA Co. G, Corporal ( 1838-1899 Kinsman New ) Kinsman
Betts, Willis V. 46th PA Co. C (1843-1905 Shenango Valley) Kinsman
Beynon, Charles  24th OVI C. F, 103rd OVI Co. C  (b. 1830, Oakwood Cem.) Mineral Ridge
Bick, William 14th OH Battery (1831-1911 Lenox Cem)  Bloomfield
Bidlake, Daniel  14th OH Battery, (1834-1912 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Bidwell, Jasper P. 171st OVI Co. G, wounded Keller’s Bridge, KY (1847-1878 IA, Kinsman New Cem) Kinsman
Biery, Wilson  6th OVC Co. G,  196th OVI Co. E (1845-1918 Niles Union) Niles
Biggin, Job D.  6th OVC Co. A  wounded at Salem, VA, (1842-1912 West View) Burghill
Biggin, Thomas  6th OVC Co. A, (1837-1925 West View)  Vernon
Biggin, William H.  6th OVC Co. A, (1834 – 1918 West View) Vernon
Bingham, Amandar Z. 6th OVC Co. Major,  (1813-1888 Oakwood Cem.) Orwell
Bingham, Albert J.   21st PA Cav Co. G,  Brookfield
Birchard, William A. 84th OVI Co. C Musician,  U.S. Navy, (1845-1896) Warren
Birrell, Andrew A.  84th OVI Co. K, 6th OVC Co. F Sgt. Wounded St. Mary’s Church, VA (1839- 1864 Alexandria, VA)  Kinsman
Birrell, George W.  171st OVI Co. G,  Corporal, color bearer, (1845-1907 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Bishop, Henry H.  1st CT Heavy Artillery Co. H  (1842-1919 Lenox Cem) Greene
Bishop, Stephen E. 7th OVI Co. H, wounded at Winchester, VA, 6th OVC Co. B, Sgt. wounded at deep Bottom, VA  (1834-1891) Johnston 
Bissell, George 84th OVI Co. C, 171st OVI Co. A, (1843-1905 MI) Warren 
Bittner, Nelson  54th PA Co. C  (1845-1918  German Luthern )  Newton Falls
Black, John   6th OVC Co. G, (1841-1886 Churchill Cem.) Liberty
Blackburn, Josiah H.  125th OVI Co. A, 1st Sgt.  (1841-1905 West Street)  Hartford
Blackford, Alexander  M. 19th OVI Co. C, 177th OVI Co. G, Sgt.,  (1832-1907 Dayton Nat’l Soldiers Home, Niles Union Cem.) Niles 
Blackmore, Samuel 105th OVI Co. C, (1824-1893 Beaver Co. PA) Weathersfield 
Blanchard, George 2WI Inf Co. G, 22WI Inf Co. C (1842-1907 Dickinson County, WI) Mecca
Blessing, Leonard  24th OVI  Co. F  (1835-1888 Oakwood)  Warren
Blood, Erastus R.  6th OVC Co. A,  5th USCT Co. H, Captain, resigned to avoid Court Martial for cowardice and mistreatment of soldiers,(1830-1895 PA) Bloomfield
Blood, Lester  6th OVC Co. K, (1838- k. 1863 Upperville, VA)  Mesopotamia
Bloomer, Benjamin Franklin  6th OVC Co. I, Commissary Sgt.  (1826-1905  Oakwood) Braceville
Bock,  Gottlieb  20th OVI Co. H, (1821-1897  Paltzgroff) Lordstown
Bockman,  John   8th IL Cav. Co. K,  (1841-1923 West Cem.) Farmington
Boden, John W.  172st OVI Co. D, (1843 – 1914 Summit Co., OH) Weathersfield
Bohl, Henry  58th OVI Co. D, 1st Lt., 183rd OVI Co. E (1834-1894 NY) Warren
Bole, John   128th OVI Co. I, (1839-1922 King-Kennedy) Mecca 
Bolter, James 105th OVI Co. C,  (1831-1879 Clay Co., IN) Weathersfield
Boon, Darwin J.  7th U.S. Infantry Co. A, (1845-1865 Ft. Richmond, New York, Linesville Cem)  Johnston 
Booth, George M. (aka George M. Lane) 8th MI Cavalry Co. M, Bugler (1847-1902) Oakwood) Warren 
Booth, John  57th PA Co. I, (1843-1916 Liberty Union Cem) Liberty
Borden, Truman 125th OVI Co. C, 8th VRC  (1819-1890 Fowler Center) Hartford 
Bosley, Leroy E.  41st OVI Co. B,  Q.M. Sgt., (1840- 1921 Fairview)  Mesopotamia
Bosley, Oscar  23rd OVI Co. B (1846-1933  Oaklawn Mausoleum) Warren
Bosworth, Lorenzo D.  2nd OVC Co. A,G, 1st. Lt. (1837-1899 IA)  Braceville
Bouton, Charles C. (Bonton)  171st OVI Co. A, Sgt. (b. 1828, Oakwood Cem*) Warren
Bowe, Charles R.  6th OVC Co. K,  Captain, wounded at Auburn Mills, VA (1829-1863 Washington, D.C., Brownwood Cem) Bloomfield 
Bowen, Noah H.  2nd OVC Co. D, Commissary Sgt. (1835-1916 IA) Greene
Bowen, Richard 171st OVI Co. D  (1832-1867 Welsh Hill Cem) McDonald
Bowen, Thomas C. 25th OH Battery (1841-1864 Little Rock Nat’l Cem) Mineral Ridge
Bower, David   105th OVI Co. I, (1833-1907 Fairview) Mesopotamia  
Bower, Elijah  14th OH Battery (b.1843) Mesopotamia 
Bower, Herman  15th OH Battery, (b.1839)
Bower, Harrison  7th OVI Co. H, (1843-1862) Mesopotamia
Bower, John M. 105th OVI Co. I  (1842-1870 Smith-Bower Cem) Mesopotamia
Bower, Philip A.  41st OVI Co. A  Sgt.,  1st Lt. (1834-1911 WA) Mesopotamia
Bower, Robert S.  7th OVI CO. H, Sgt. (1839-1866 Fairview Cem) Mesopotamia
Bower, Warren  14th OH Battery, Corporal  (1841-1926 Ravenna, OH) Mesopotamia
Bowers, Seright Moses   171st OVI Co. H, (1845-1908 West) Farmington  
Bowker, Jeremiah (aka Judson Bennett) 84th OVI Co. C, Corporal, 210th PA Co. D, Captain “Missing in Action” 1/1865, (b. 1838) Warren 
Bowman,  Jacob  41st OVI Co. F (1845-1908  Riverside – Kerr) Mineral Ridge
Bowman, William  41st OVI Co. F  wounded Dallas, GA, (1842-1903 Austintown) Mineral Ridge 
Boyd, Alfred  20th OVI Co. H (b.1837) Lordstown
Boyd, Edwin  177th OVI Co. D, (1843-1929 Center) Vienna
Boyd, John  61st OVI Co. D, (1842-1911 Niles Union) Niles
Boys, Hugh Mackey 105th OVI Co. I, Corporal   wounded at Chickamauga, (1836-1928) Vienna
Boozel, John A.  104th OVI Co. C, Corporal, wounded at Franklin, TN (b.1841) Warren
Braden, Andrew D. 19th OVI C (3 mo’s), 105th OVI Co. B, (1835-1919 Mt. Gilead)  Greene
Braden, George W.  41st OVI Co. A,  (1843-1927 Center Cem) Greene
Braden, James   177th OVI Co. G  Sgt. (1837 –  1910 Greenlawn)  Greene
Braden, Wallace B.  41st OVI Co. A  Corporal, wounded twice at Shiloh, (1842-k.1863 Chickamauga) Gustavus  
Braden, William D.  7th OVI Co. H, 1st Lt. (1839-1866 South Cem) Mecca
Bradley, Albert F.  171st OVI Co. G,  (1845-1935 Niles Union) Gustavus
Brainard, Albert E.   29th OVI Co. C  Regimental Band, (1824-1900 Old Center) Gustavus
Brainard, Buell W.  29th OVI Regimental Band, (1822 – 1895 North View) Gustavus
Brainard, Chauncey A. 29th OVI Regimental Band Leader, 125th OVI, (1826 – 1915)  Gustavus
Brainard, Emerson E.,  125th OVI  musician,  177th OVI  Musician, (1836-1915 Oakwood Cemetery) Warren
Brainard, Erastus  29th OVI  drum major,  125th OVI  Drum Major, (1805-1892 Old Center) Gustavus
Brainard, Loren B.  29th OVI Co. C,  124th OVI Co. K, Musician (1843-1929 North View) Gustavus
Brainard, William Charles  2nd OVC Co. F,   124th OVI Co. K, Musician (1838-1923 Oakwood Cem)  Warren
Brandon, James  65th OVI CO. E  Corp. (1835-1895 Greenlawn) Kenilworth
Brandt, John  105th OVI Co. C, 12th VRC Co. H   (1827 – 1866 Girard Liberty Union) Liberty
Brannon, Thomas B.  PA State Militia, (1835-1896 Center) Vienna
Brazell, Henry  19th OVI Co. C  (1829-1883 Maple Grove) Hubbard
Brennan, Patrick H.  134th PA Co.D, U.S. Army Hospital Steward  (1844-1929 Washington DC) Niles
Bricker, Davies M.  105th OVI Co. B,  (Newton Falls East) Newton Falls
Bridges, Alonzo W. 19th OVI Co. D, 177th OVI Co. D, (1826-1890 Evergreen South ) Johnstonville
Bridges, Isaac  6th OVC Co. D (1817-1894 Sandusky Soldier’s Home) Newton
Bridle, John P.  Jr.  3rd MO Infantry Reserves, (1830-1871 Oakwood Cem) Warren
Bridle, Thomas  U.S. Navy Gun Boat (1826-1873 Cleveland) Warren
Brierly, Thomas A.  19th OVI Co. B, Lt., Regimental Adjutant, (1837-1917 Oakwood Cem) Howland
Brigden, Charles A.  105th OVI Co. I, 1st  Lt., (1817-1887 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Brigden, Charles Edward.  23rd OVI Co. B,Corporal, Co. D, 2nd Lt.,(1840-1896 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Brigden, George M.  23rd OVI Co. B  color bearer (1844-k.1864 Perrysville, Fairview) Mesopotamia
Brigden, Howard A. 23rd OVI Co. B, (1841-1913 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Brigden, Irvin E.  86th OVI Co. G,  179th OVI Co. A, Sgt. (1846 – 1904 San Jose, CA) Mesopotamia
Bright, Austin H. 171st OVI Co. H,  (1845-1925, Evergreen) Bristolville 
Bright,  David  20th OVI Co. H, (1834-1923 Kalamazoo, MI)  Newton 
Brisbine, James P.  7th OVI Co. H, 2nd Lt., aide to Gen. Tyler, (1836-k.1862 Slaughter Mt. VA)  Liberty
Brisbine, John J.  15th OH Battery, wounded at Vicksburg, orderly to Maj. Watherhouse, Chief of Artillery for 17th Army Corp, (1844-1923 Churchill) Liberty
Brisbine, Thomas  19th OVI Co. B, (1845-1909 Oak Hill Union) Hubbard
Brisbine, WIlliam B. 6th OVC Co. D, Lt.,  (1842-1930 Sandusky Soldiers Home, Presbyterian Cem) Champion
Briscoe, Albert E. 171st OVI Co. F, Corporal  (1845-1880 Oakwood)  Warren
Brister, Isaac  6th OVC Co. G, captured at Warrenton, VA by Mosby, escaped, wounded at Brandy Station, (1838-1886 Vienna Center) Mecca
Britt, Henry  3rd PA Cav. Co. F, Corporal (1842-1924 Calvary Cem.) Liberty
Britton, Eli E.  29th OVI Co. C, Sgt. (1839-1921 Kinsman New) Kinsman  
Britton, Simon  51st PA Co. H, Musician, (1836-1900 CO) Weathersfield 
Brobst, Daniel 6th OVC Co. D, (1829-1890 Grand Rapids, MI) Newton 
Brobst, Daniel  20th OVI Co. H, Corporal (1841-1934 Pinecrest) Southington 
Brobst, John  2nd OVC Co. C, (1831-1912 West Mecca) Mecca
Brobst, Lafayette  124th IN Co. G, (1834-1874) Newton
Brobst, Solomon  7th OVI Co. H, 5th OVI Co. G, (1844-1919 Iowa Soldier’s Home) Newton 
Brocious, William H.  13th OVI Co. H, (1839-1920 Hillside) Fowler
Brockett, Andrew J.  1st OVI, Assistant Surgeon  (1836-1912 Evergreen) Bristol
Brockett, Aaron  43rd OVI Co. B  (1849-1865) Johnston
Brockett, Abel L.  4th OVI, Co. K (1838-1865 East) Farmington
Brockett, George D.  29th OVI Co. C  captured Winchester VA, paroled, wounded Rocky Face Ridge, GA, (1835-1905 Old Center) Gustavus
Brockett, Justice J.  177th OVI Co. K, (1837-1904) Gustavus
Brockett, Linus H. 125th OVI Co. C (1844-1878 Old Center) Gustavus
Brockway, Darwin G.  7th KS Co. K, (1839-1925 Kinsman New) Gustavus
Brockway, Daniel W. 41st OVI Co. A  (1836-1864 Hartford Center)  Hartford
Brogan, James  171st OVI Co. B (1841-1899) Niles
Bronson, James Dr. 29th OVI Co. A  (1817-1871 Center) Newton
Bronson, James H. 5th USCT Co. D, Sgt. Medal of Honor, (1838 – 1884 Chartiers, Allegheny County, PA) Warren
Brookins, George W.  21st OH Battery, (1846-1895 Hillside) W. Farmington
Brookins, Suranos T.   2nd OVC Co. B,  (1841-1902 Hillside) W. Farmington  
Brooks, Alonzo  196th OVI Co. E, (1848-1915 Oakwood)  Warren
Brooks, Charles A.  7th OVI Co. H, 1st Sgt.,  Lt., killed by a train (1843-1863 Evergreen)  Bristol  
Brooks, James C.  7th OVI Co. H, 5th OVI Co. G, VRC (1838-1918)  Bristol
Brooks, John W.  24th OVI Co. B  Captain,  Inspector, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 4th Army Corp, (1823-1898 Oakwood) Warren
Brooks, Nelson  171st OVI Co. B  captured & paroled (1846-1939 Riverside-Kerr) Niles  
Brown, W. Bryson  84th OVI Co. C, (1843-1915 MO) Warren 
Brown, Daniel H. 19th OVI Co. B (b. 1831) Hubbard
Brown, George W.  2nd OVC Co. D, 171st OVI Co. F, (1834-1913) Newton Falls
Brown, Henry C. 211th PA Co. D, (1846-1907 Oakwood) Orangeville
Brown, Hiram L. 76th PA Co. A, (d. 1871) Vernon
Brown, Isaiah 125th OVI Co. B, Corporal (1835-1906) Kinsman 
Brown, James H.  2nd OVC Co. C (1825-1891) Bazetta
Brown, Joseph J.  2nd OVC Co. D, (1842-1862 Indian Territory) West Farmington 
Brown, Joseph S., 6th OVI Co. D, Sergeant (1818-1864 VA) Newton Falls
Brown, Joseph T. 14th OVI Co. K, 67th OVI Co. K wounded at Weldon Railroad, VA, (1836-1921 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Brown, Morgan  125th OVI Co. B, (1842-1923 West View)  Burghill
Brown, Norman  6th OVC Co. D, POW  (1823-1864 Richmond Nat’l Cem) Newton
Brown, Walter  125th OVI Co. B  (1845-1916 IA) Vernon
Brown, Washington  15th OH Battery, 19th OVI Co. C, (1839-1914) Braceville
Brown,William H.  19th MO Cav Co. I, Sgt.  (1837-1911 Hillside Cemetery) Bazetta
Brown, William T.  6th OVC Co. G  (1838 – 1897 Oakwood) Warren
Browning, John B.  171st OVI Co. H,  (1844 – 1914) Farmington
Bryant, Edwin 87th OVI Co. B  (1844-1918 North View) Gustavus
Bryant, John Gilman 6th OVC,  2nd OVC Co. D,  (1842-k.1863 Knoxville, Old Gustavus Cem.) Gustavus
Buck, Zina J.  25th OH Battery, (1839-1899 West) W. Farmington  
Buell, Charles L.  5th OVI Co. H  (1844-1898 Fairview) Middlefield
Buell, James K. 87th OVI Co. B, (1842-1933 Evergreen South) Johnstonville
Bull, A. H.  9th NYHA, Battery A, 6th U.S Inf. Co. F, 40th U.S. Inf. Co. B (1846-1930)  Warren
Bundy, Alonzo  171st OVI Co. H  (1835-1891 West) Farmington
Bundy, Orlando  125th OVI Co. B,  (1830-1903 West) Farmington
Bundy, Thomas W. 7th OVI Co. H  (1837-1918 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Burbank, William A.  6th OVC Co. D, Sgt.  (1844-1880 N F East) Newton Falls
Burke, John Rev.  82nd OVI  Chaplain (1816-1892 Maple Grove) Hubbard
Burlingame, Marcus L.  105th OVI  Co. B (1844-1862 Mumfordsville, KY South Cem.)  Greene 
Burnett, Aylett R. 19th OVI Co. B, (1846-1923 Los Angeles, CA) Hubbard 
Burnett, Dallas  19th OVI  Co. C, Corporal (1843-1874 Oakwood ) Warren  
Burnett, George W. 3rd Independent Battery   (1843-1918 Center) Brookfield
Burnett, Henry L. 2nd OVC, Major, Brevet Brig. General, Assistant Judge Advocate General, Prosecutor in Lincoln Assassination Trial, 
post-war Federal District Attorney for Southern New York  (1838-1916 New York) Warren
Burnett, James D.  24th OVI Co. F  Sgt., (1838-1916) Orangeville
Burnett, James M.  125th OVI Co. B  (1841-1892 Veach-Methodist) Hubbard
Burnett, John S. 12th OVC, Saddler Sgt. (1844-1919) Hubbard
Burnett, John W.  84th OVI Co. C, (1836-1911) Hartford  
Burnett, John W. 19th OVI Co. B  wounded Stone River, (1844-1910 PA) Hubbard  
Burnett, Leander  171st OVI Co. C  captured & paroled Keller’s Bridge, KY (1842-1913 Oak Hill Union) Hubbard
Burnett, Milo  19th OVI Co. C, 6th OVC Co.A,  (1842-1906 Oakwood ) Leavittsburg
Burnett, Reuben  2nd OVC Co. C  (1840-1913 Oak Hill Cem, Youngstown) Hubbard
Burnham, Henry L.  84th OVI Co. K,  171st OVI Co. G, (1839-1903 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Burnham, Thomas M.  125th OVI Co. B, Lt., wounded Kennesaw  Mountain, (1833-1864 Chattanooga, Kinsman New Cem) Kinsman
Burns, Daniel   171st OVI Co. G  captured & paroled, (1821-1908 Kinsman New) Farmdale 
Burns, Harvey 2nd OVC Co. F (1826-1868 PA)  Gustavus
Burns, James  6th OVC Co. I  wounded Luray, VA  177th OVI Co. E (1838-1899 West Mecca) Mecca  
Burns, Uriah  169th PA Co. A, (1835-1893 Dillworth-Barclay-Logan) Kinsman
Burnside, Gordon  171st OVI Co. G (1826-1903 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Burnside, James R. 134th PA Co. G, (1837-1880 Niles Union) Niles
Burnside, John G.  134th PA Co. G, (1840-1885 Niles Union) Niles
Burr, Edmund D.  41st OVI Co. A,  disabled, (1824-1892 West View) Vernon
Burr, Harvey 41st OVI Co. K  (1843-1862 Nashville Nat’l Cem) Fowler
Burrow, Anthony  125th OVI Co. C,  captured at Chickamauga, POW (1831-1889 Disciples) Cortland
Burrows, Alexander  19th OVI Co. B  wounded at Chickamauga,  MIA,(b. 1843)  Hubbard
Burrows, Stephen  7th OVI Co. H, (1840-1868 Veach Cem) Hubbard
Burton, Charles G.  19th OVI Co. C, 171st OVI Co. A Corporal  (1846-1920 Kansas City, MO)  Warren
Busby, William  23rd OVI Co. E  (1827-1899 Oakwood)  Warren
Bush, Jacob  Trumbull Guards (1846-1932 KS) Lordstown
Bush, Peter  20th OVI Co. H (1841-1928 Paltzgroff) Lordstown
Bushnell, Allen R. 7th WI Infantry Co. C, 1st Lt., Captain, Colonel, Iron Brigade, post-war Congressman  (1833-1909 Madison, WI) Hartford
Bushnell, Collins E.  110th OVI Co. G  (1841-1892 Boliva, MO) Bloomfield 
Bushnell, John L. 1st OVI Co. D, 126th OVI Co. E, (also known as John B. McWilliams) (b.1838) Hartford
Bushnell, Milo  Trumbull Guards, (1844-1863 Gallipolis, OH, Hartford Twp. Cem) Hartford
Bushnell, Seth A.  41st OVI Co. A,  Captain (1818-1895 Oberlin, OH) Hartford
Bushnell, Wells  6th OVC Co. A, Sgt., Co. E  Captain,  post-war County Recorder, (1842-1907) Bloomfield
Buss, Harry   U.S. Navy,  Warren
Bussey, Cyrus, Col, 3rd Iowa Cavalry, Brigadier General, Assistant Secretary of the Interior under President Harrison, (1833 – 1915) Hubbard.
Butler, Edward S. U.S. Navy (1846-1872 Oakwood Cem) Niles
Butler, Irwin (Erwin)  105th OVI Co. C, 2nd Lt., (1843-1868 Oakwood Cem) Niles
Butler, Miles G.  171st OVI Co. B, Corporal, (1838-1892 Niles Union) Weathersfield
Button, Johnson Paige  41st OVI Co.K, Sgt.  wounded Picketts Mills, GA, (1841-1921 Evergreen South)  Johnston
Byard, David  57rd PA Co. E, (1832-1886 Oakwood Cem)  Warren
Byers, Warren 105th PA Co. I  (1840-1922 Oak Hill Union) Hubbard
Byrnes, Henry H.  6th OVC Co. D, Corporal  (1819-1885 West) Farmington 
Byron, Henry R. 60th NY Co. A, Corporal, (1835-1865 Canton, NY) Weathersfield

* Charles C. Bouton’s (Bonton) military headstone incorrectly lists him as a Corporal in the 171st OVI. He was a Sergeant.
“Find-a-Grave” lists his year of death as 1863. This is also incorrect as he did not enlist until 1864 and he served his complete
enlistment term; however, I was unable to locate a date of death.


Caley, William  19th OVI Co. G, (1844-1863 Murfreesboro, TN, Nashville Nat’l Cem)  Braceville
Caldwell, Calvin L. 105th OVI Co. B  (1842-k. 1863 Chickamuaga, Hillside)  W. Farmington  
Caldwell, Howard J. 2nd OVC Co. D (1840-1921 Clermont Co.) Farmington  
Caldwell, James  2nd OVC Co. D   Captain,   (1806-1888 West) Farmington
Caldwell, John O.   2nd OVC Co. D Sgt. (1839-k.1864, Ashland, VA, Hillside)   W. Farmington
Caldwell, Oscar A.  2nd OVC Co. D  POW (1843-1931 Western Reserve Mausoleum) Farmington
Callender, James M.  171st OVI Co. F  Sgt.  (1842-1918 Oakwood) Newton
Callighan, George 1st PA Cav Co. H, (1845-1904 Oakwood, Sharon, PA) Brookfield
Calvin, Dennis (Colvin) 33rd PA Co. K,  78th PA Co. G  (1817-1885 Dillworth-Barclay-Logan) Gustavus
Cameron, John  6th OVC Co. G, (1847-1909  West Mecca) Mecca
Camp, Charles 104th OVI Co. D, 22nd Reg., VRC (1838-1865 Center) Bloomfield
Camp, Harlow D. 7th OVI Co. F,  (1830-1863 Harper’s Ferry, VA, Antietam Nat’l Cem)  Braceville
Camp, Newton L.  86th OVI, 179th OVI Co. A (1844-1865 Nashville Nat’l Cem) Southington
Camp, William  84th OVI Co. C  Sgt.,  171st OVI Co. A, Sgt.  (1845-1902 Oakwood)
Campbell, George L. 171st OVI Co. C  (1844-1932) Niles
Campbell, Lewis L.  83rd OVI Co. A, Corporal,  2nd OVC Co. L,  Lt. (1840 – 1910 Niles Union) Hubbard
Canfield, Henry A.  6th OVC Co. A Sgt., (1839-1893 Center)  Bloomfield
Canon, John A.  125th OVI Co. C, Sgt. (1843-1924 Linesville Cem) Orangeville
Canon, David E.  171st OVI Co. H, (1843-1895 Sager) Bristol
Canon, George  171st OVI Co. H, (1826-1898 East) Farmington
Card, Joseph H. 105th OVI Co. B, (1828 – 1909 East Lenox, Ashtabula Co.)  Fowler  
Carew, Thomas J.  2nd OVC Co. C, MIA (b.1835) Kinsman 
Carey, Henry C. (Cary), 29th OVI Co. C, (1841-1902) Kinsman
Carle, Ephriam  77th OVI Co. E,  POW (1845-1930 Oak Hill Union) Hubbard
Carlton, Newton  84th OVI Co. B,  171st OVI Co. D (1844-1924 Girard-Liberty Union) Girard
Carlton, Simeon G.  125th OVI Co. C, (1842- k. 1864 Rocky Face Ridge, GA Chattanooga Nat’l Cem) Hubbard
Carlton, Simon P.  2nd OVC Co. E,  wounded at  Wilderness, VA (1837-1917 Liberty Union) Liberty 
Carnahan, William W. (McCarnahan) 41st OVI Co. A, Corporal, (b. 1824) Hartford  
Carney, George W.  4th PA Cav Co. L (1846-1910 Oak Hill) Liberty
Carroll, John C.  100th PA Co. G, Musician (1837-1915 Oak Hill Union) Hubbard
Carson, Jacob W.  7th OVI Co. B  wounded  Gettysburg, Kennesaw Mt.,  5th OVI Co. B (1839-1899 Center Cem.) Braceville
Carson, John G.  122nd OVI Co. K  (1837 – 1899 N F East) Milton
Carson, Robert  L. 19th OVI Co. C, Corporal (1845-1922 Garrettsville, OH)  Newton
Carson, Thomas C. 19th OVI Co. G (1842-1903 Middlefield) Newton
Carson, Uriah W.  19th OVI Co. D, (1840-1927 Center) Lordstown
Carter, Abner D.   113th OVI Co. A  (1832-1880  TN) Mineral Ridge 
Carter, Lewis S. 84th OVI Co. C, 139th OVI Co. E (1842- 1944 Los Angeles, CA) Weathersfield
Carter, Lyman  113th OVI Co. A  (1841-1863 Stones River Nat’l Cem.) Mineral Ridge
Carter, Riley  19th OVI Co. C (3 mo’s), 113th OVI Co. A, ( 1833-1898 Riverside-Kerr) Mineral Ridge
Carter, Sylvester   7th OVI Co. B, 5th OVI Co. B (1839-1904) Mineral Ridge
Carter, William N.  2nd OVC Co. L, F  (1840-1904) Brookfield 
Case, Halbert 7th OVI Co. H, 2nd Lt (3 mo), 1st Lt. (3 yr) (1838-1914) Mecca
Case, Jason   125th OVI Co. C, VRC (1844-1937 Green Lawn) Greene
Case, Russell  19th OVI Co. C (3 mo’s), Co. G  2nd Lt. (1839-1912 CA)  Warren
Casper, George R..  15th OH Battery, Lt., (1840-1916 Niles Union)  Niles
Casper, Stanley M.  7th OVI Co. H, Sgt.,  (1842-1906 Oak Hill, Youngstown) Niles
Cassidy, Edward  4th OVI Co. B,  (1836-1925 St. Mary’s) Warren
Cassidy, Granville  20th OVI Co. H,  (1841-k.1863 at Vicksburg) Lordstown  
Casterline, Joel P. 128th OVI Co. A, Corporal, (1840-1910 East Cleveland)  Cortland
Casterline, Lester  Trumbull Guards  (1842-1863 Gallipolis, OH,   Disciples) Cortland
Catlin, John A.  52nd IL Co.G, (1837-1906 North View) Gustavus
Cessna, John W.  105th OVI Co. H, (1840-1897 Riverside-Kerr) Mineral Ridge 
Chadwick, David C., 24th OVI Co. F, (1841-1915, Maple Grove, Friendship, NY) Fowler
Chaffee, Adna R.  6th U.S. Cav. Lt., post-war U.S. Army Lt. General,  Army Chief of Staff under T. Roosevelt (1842-1914 Arlington Natl Cemetery) Greene 
Chaffee, Henry Almanza  2nd OVC Co. D (1842-1862) Bristol  
Chaffee, James  6th OVC CO. I,  Sgt. wounded Auburn Mill, VA,(1843-1920 East Mecca) Mecca
Chaffee, John A.  7th OVI Co. H  Sgt., (1839-1927 East Mecca) Mecca
Chaffee, Sherburn H.  6th OVC Co. I  captured & held Castle Thunder  teamster, (1837-1913) Greenburg
Chalk, Henry  22nd NY Co. H, (1844-1926 Sandusky Soldier’s Home, Old Center) Gustavus
Chalker, Newton  87th OVI Co. B, post-war Commander – Buckley Post, GAR, Akron (1842-1921 Pinecrest)  Southington  
Chalker, Orrin J. 2nd OVC Co. C (1829-1863 KY) Southington
Chalker, William  87th OVI Co. B,  (1841-1915 Pinecrest) Southington
Chambers, Martin V.B.  140th OVI Co. I  (1843-1917 Niles Union Mausoleum)  Niles
Chambers, William J.  29th OVI Co. C, (1819-1898 Salem, OR)  Gustavus
Champlain, Ebenezer 19th OVI Co. G, 196th OVI Co. E (1834-1897 Overlook, Geauga Co.) Bristol
Champlin, Elijah C.  6th OVC Co. C, POW (1820-1863 RIchmond Nat’l Cem)  Johnston
Chandler, Adolphus N.  104th OVI Co. D (1838-1911 West) Farmington
Chandler, Charles  57th PA Co. B (1825-1897 West Mecca) Mecca
Chapman, Ariel  171st OVI Co. F, (1829-1907) W. Farmington
Chapman, Josiah S.   6th OVC Co. B, (1823-1908) Braceville
Chapman, Sandford  171st OVI Co. F, (1829-1864 Johnson’s Island, OH) Braceville
Charles, William  125th OVI Co. C,  (1818-1888) Hubbard
Chase, James W.   6th OVC Co. B,1st Lt.  (1817-1897 Kinsman New) Kinsman 
Chase, Osmer C. 6th OVC Co. C,G, 177th OVI Co. E, Captain (1838-1920 MN) Mecca
Chatfield, James B. 6th Independent Sharpshooters (1844-1878 West) Farmington 
Cherry, Jefferson L. 18th U.S. Infantry Co. G, telegrapher, (1843-1907 Columbus, OH)  Warren
Chew, Baldwin  12th OVC Co. E  (1848-1908 Sharon, PA) Brookfield
Chiles, Thomas  188th OVI,  197th OVI Co. A,(1846-1903 Girard-Liberty Union)  Church Hill  
Chisholm, James (Chrisholm)  78th PA Co. F,  24th OVI Co. F wounded, POW Stones River (b.1825) Mineral Ridge
Christie, James T.  105th OVI Co. I  (1843-1865 Goldsboro, NC) Gustavus 
Christy, David C. 2nd OVC Co. K, Co. C Corporal,  POW (1845-1870 Center) Brookfield 
Christy, John N.  2nd OVC Co. C, 12th OVC Co. E, Sgt.  (1842-1885 Center) Brookfield
Christy, Marcus C.  100th PA Co. C  wounded at 2nd Bull Run, (1843-1927 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Christy, Wilbur A.  171st OVI Co. G, (1845-1928 Butler Co. PA) Kinsman
Chryst, Hezekiah  20th OVI Co. H (1837-1890 MO) Lordstown
Church, Thomas  24th OVI Co. F, (1837-1910 West View) Gustavus
Churchill, Romeo 19th OVI Co. I (3 mo’s),  29th OVI Co. C,  (1831-1863 Gunn Cem.)  Greene
Clapp, Elverton J.  105th OVI Co. K (1841-1911 Oakwood) Warren
Clark, Adam  212th PA Co. I, (1833-1907 Center)  Hartford
Clark, Almon H.  86th OVI Co. G, (1839-1924 Western Reserve Mausoleum) Mesopotamia
Clark, Albert B.  1st OH Light Artillery  Battery D, (1842-1929 CO) Greene
Clark, Albert J. 6th OVC Co. B, Corporal  (1845-1918 Center) Bloomfield 
Clark, Christopher C. 125th OVI Co. B,C (1834-1903 Ashtabula Co) Southington
Clark, Cornelius  2nd OVC Co. B, (1838-1896 Evergreen) Cortland
Clark, George A.  41st OVI Co. A, captured at Stone River, TN, (1844-1912 CO) Vernon
Clark, James H.  19th OVI Co. B, Hospital Steward, (1844-1922 IL) Girard
Clark, John H.  2nd OVC Co. A, (b.1822)  Mesopotamia
Clark, John B. 6th OVC Co. D, Sgt.,(1838-1912 Center) Braceville
Clark, John F.  104th OVI Co. D, (1842-1863 N F East) Newton Falls
Clark, Leman   2nd OVC Co. C, (1839-1863 N F East)  Newton Falls
Clark Marcus B.  125th OVI Co. D (1810-1895 N F East) Newton Falls
Clark, Michael  6th OVC Co. D, (1824-1894 Hillside) Farmington 
Clark, Richard 6th OVC Co. D, (1816-1881 IL)  Farmington
Clark, Sperry C.  2nd OVC Co. D  (1838-1897 Evergreen) Bristol
Clark, Willis  19th OVI Co. B (1834-1875 Maple Grove) Hubbard
Clawson, Allison M. 139th PA Co. A,  Corporal,  9th VRC, regimental band,(1841-1933 Mercer Co.) Cortland
Clay, Samuel S.  14th OH Battery, (1840-1905 Sager) Bristol
Cleveland, Albert A.  171st OVI Co. B (1834-1891 Niles Union) Weathersfield
Cline, Levi  171st OVI Co. F, (1842-1886) Warren
Clingan, Calvin N.  19th OVI Co. B, Corporal,   Pioneer Corps, (1849-1925 Oak Hill Union)  Hubbard
Clingan, Hewett Hiram   171st OVI Co. C, wounded Keller’s Bridge, KY, (1844-1933 Maple Grove) Hubbard
Clingan, Lorenzo  171st OVI Co. C  (1837-1893) Hubbard
Clisbee, George B.  12th OVC Co. E,  captured at Salisbury NC (1845-1875 Clisby) Gustavus
Clough, Edwin B.  25th WI Co. K, (b. 1845)  Johnston
Coale, Benjamin T.  11th OVI Co. C, (1841-1917 Oakwood) Warren
Coale, Garrison 63rd PA Co. C  (1844-1927 Western Reserve Mausoleum) Youngstown
Coble, Abraham B.  Trumbull Guards, Corporal (1816-1897 Ohltown)  Mineral Ridge
Coburn, Jacob Osborn,  6th MI Cavalry, Co. I,Q.M. Sgt. wounded, Seneca Mills, VA, POW (d. March 8, 1864; Richmond Nat’l Cem) Warren.
Coburn, Virgil  196th OVI Co. E ( 1846-1865 Disciples) Cortland
Coburn, Wallace 7th OVI Co. C  (1838- k. 1862 Winchester, VA  Disciples) Cortland
Cochran, Cyrus  19th OVI Co. C, 171st OVI Co. B,  (1835-1916 Niles Union) Niles  
Cochran, James 26th OVI Co. G, Sgt. POW (1829-1864 Andersonville, GA) Weathersfield
Coiley, Charles  6th OVC Co. C  POW (1822-1903 Riverside-Kerr) Weathersfield
Colburn, Lorenzo 23rd IA, Co. D  (1830 – 1863) Mecca
Cole, Charles E.  125th OVI Co. C  (1844-1928 Sager) Bristol
Cole, Joshua V.  124th NY Co. G, 2nd Lt. (1830-1884 East Farmington ) Farmington
Cole, Leander S.  15th OH Light Artillery  (1845-1903 Niles Union) Niles 
Cole, Martin V.  2nd OVC Co. C, (1839-1911 Mercer Co PA) Brookfield
Cole, Moses  6th OVC Co. I, Corporal (b.1829) Howland
Coleman, Addison N.  3rd MN Co. A, Corporal  (1839-1918 MT) Greene
Coleman, John A. Jr., 3rd MN Co. A, Hatch’s Independent MN Cavalry,  (1843-1884 MN) Greene
Coleman, Madison N.  3rd MN Co. A  (1839 – 1926 WA) Greene 
Coleman, Selden  1st MN Co. D, 3rd MN Co. A  (1837 – 1919 Bay View, Bellingham, WA) Greene
Coleman, Wilber M.  2nd MN Sharpshooters, Berdan’s 1st U.S. Sharpshooters, wounded at Gettysburg, 9th U.S. Infantry (1845-1915 Port Orchard, WA Veterans Home)  Greene
Coles, Hiram W. (Cowles) 6th OVC Co. K (b.1822) Mesopotamia
Collar, Henry W.  105th OVI Co. I, (1843- k.1862, Perrysville) Farmington
Coller, John J.  199th PA Co. F, (1836-1914 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Colton, Francis H. 105th OVI Co. B  POW  (1838-1913 Champion) Bazetta  
Combs, Alfred 7th OVI Co. H, 6th US Cav. Co. K (1839-1929) Vienna
Combs, Henry  6th OVC Co. K, (1815-1896 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Combs, John  23rd OVI Co. B, (1844-1917 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Combs, Samuel  179th OVI  (1847-1917 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Combs, Seth N.  2nd OVC Co. C, (1838-1921) Hartford
Comely, Frederick   8th OVI Co. D  wounded at Antietam (1827-1893 Girard-Liberty Union)Girard
Comer, William B. 3rd NJ Co. D (1841-1911 Niles Union) Niles
Cook, Abraham M.  15th PA Cav Co. B  (1843-1928 Vienna Center) Vienna
Cook, Ephraim J.  42nd OVI Co. A,(1842-1887 Oakwood Cem) Warren
Cook, John S. 105th OVI Co. I, (1843-1862 Brownwood Cem)  Bloomfield 
Cook, Pleman 6th OVC Co. D, Saddler, (1829-1892 MI) Newton Cook, Seymour S. 5th IA Infantry Co. A, Musician, (1832 – 1919 Turlock, CA, b. Portland OR) Mecca
Cooper, Phineas 203rd PA Co. D,  (1824-1901 PA) Bristol 
Corbet, Andrew  2nd OVC Co. C, Corporal, (1842-1907 NE)  Fowler
Corey, Charles, 5th Indep. Sharpshooters, 16th US Co. F, 34th US Co. F (1847-1920 Cleveland) Greene
Corey, Dwight H. (Cory)  6th OVC Co. A Corporal, Comm. Sgt., 1st Lt., Captain (1841-1914 Cleveland)  Greene
Cory, John B. 177th OVI Co. G, (1838-1919 Cleveland) Greene
Cory, Nelson 19th OVI Co. C, 177th OVI Co. G,(1839-1921 Ashtabula) Greene
Cornell, Isaac 151st NY Co. A (1844-1924 Garresttsville) Warren
orning, David B.  2nd OVC Co. E, Farrier (1823-1889 Soldier’s Home, Dayton, OH) Vienna
Corwin, Thomas  171st OVI Co. G  (1844-1922 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Costello, Thomas  6th OVC Co. B, (1842-1905 St. Patrick’s) Hubbard
Coulter, James Calvin  105th OVI Co. A (1836-1866 Nashville Natl Cem) Vernon 
Courtney, Matthew J. 19th OVI Co. B (k.1862 Stones River) Howland
Covert, Seymour  6th OVC Co. I, (b.1844) Bazetta
Cowden,  Sarah Jane,  Nurse,  (1830-1912 Greenlawn) Greene 
Cowdrey, Julius N.  85th OVI Co. B (1841-1918 Niles Union) Bazetta
Cowdery, Leolin B.  125th OVI Co. C  (1842-1862) Mecca
Cowles, Henry H.  14th OH Battery  (1834-1874 Fairview) Mesopotamia 
Cox, Aaron P.  14th OH Battery, Sgt., (1841-1904 NE) Mesopotamia 
Cox, Edward  24th OVI Co. F (1841-1910 ID) Weathersfield
Cox, Jacob Dolson   Major General, Union Volunteers, pre-war Superintendant of Warren schools, state Senator,  post-war Ohio Governor, Secreatary of the Interior under President  U.S. Grant, U.S. Congressman, President, University of Cincinnati  (1828-1900 Spring Grove, Cincinnati) Warren
Cox, Patrick  6th OVC Co. D, POW (1835-1914) West Farmington
Cox, Seymour  105th OVI Co. I (1833- k.1862 Perrysville, Fairview) Mesopotamia 
Coy, Aaron   Trumbull Guards, (1841-1895 Kellogsville) Bristol
Cozad, William J. 100th PA Co. D, (b. 1837 Disciple-Price-Hall)  Hubbard
Craft, R. Watson  6th OVC Co. A  (1845 – 1871 Evergreen) Bristol
Craig, Isaiah  6th OVC Co. I, 20th VRC (1825-1866 Center) Braceville
Craig, Wesley C.  20th OVI Co. H  Sgt.  wounded & captured Raymond, MS,(1835-1909 Center) Braceville
Cramer, Harvey  19th OVI Co. G  (1847-1888 Niles Union) Niles
Crandon, Edgar 86th OVI Co. A, Corporal  (1840-1882 Girard-Liberty Union) Liberty
Crane, James  19th OVI Co F (3 mo’s) Sgt., 5th NY Heavy Artillery, Co. E, Captain  (1830-1893 West) Farmington
Crane, Robert W.  19th OVI Co. D (3 mo’s), Captain,  (1816-1900 Greenlawn) Greene
Craver, Adam  105th OVI Co. B (1838-1927 MI) Southington
Craver, Benjamin  2nd OVC Co. C, (1841-1906 Pinecrest) Southington Craver, Levi  2nd OVC Co. C (1842-1873 Lutheran & German Reformed) Southington 
Crawford, James A. 105th OVI Co.B, POW (1839-1865 Annapolis, MD) Mecca
Crawford, William C.  84th OVI Co. C (b.1844 Oakwood Cem) Champion
Crawford, William H.  Trumbull Guards (1842- 1900 PA) Mecca 
Crays, David  25th OH Battery (1848-1915 Oakwood) Champion
Criddle, Robert F.  177th OVI Co. C, 181st OVI Co. A (1835-1905) Gustavus
Crighton, William  105th OVI Co. I, wounded at Perrysville, (1842-1863) Bloomfield 
Croft, Thomas 56th PA Co. I, wounded  (1848-1906 Niles Union) Warren
Crooks, Asa  6th OVC Co. I,  (1847-1924 Hillside) Bazetta
Crooks, Frank  6th OVC Co. I  (1841-1862 Hillside) Bazetta
Crooks, Isaac N.  6th OVC Co. G, QM Sgt. (b.1838)  Howland
Crooks, James 6th OVC Co. I  (1843-1863 Disciples) Cortland
Crooks, Samuel  6th OVC Co. I  (1828-1904 Howland Twp.) Howland
Crooks, Sheldon  7th OVI Co. H, 41st OVI Co. A  Sgt.,  wounded at Shiloh, wounded at Stone River (1834-1900 Howland Twp.) Howland  
Crosby, Edward D. 7th OVI Co. H, 5th OVI Co. G (1843-1932 Cleveland) Southington
Crosby, Oliver P. 29th OVI Co. C  (1841-1862 East Cem.) Gustavus
Cross, David E. 5th OVI Co. A, post-war Regular Army  (b. 1849) North Bloomfield
Crout, Robert   211th PA Co. D  (1843-1917 Oakwood) Howland
Crowell, William H.  125th OVI Co. B,  Lt., Regimental Quarter-Master (1837-1922 Oakwood) Bloomfield
Crozier, George H.  6th OVC,2nd OVC Co. D  (1819-1862 Camp Chase) Bristol
Crozier, James  6th OVC,  25th OH Battery, (1822-1909 Greenlawn) Greene
Crum, Henry  19th OVI Co. B, wounded at Stones River, (1836-1902 Center) Braceville
Crum, John  171st OVI Co. B, 20th OVI Co. H, (1832-1912 Riverside-Kerr) Mineral Ridge 
Culbertson, John C. 19th OVI  Co. A, C, 1st Lt.,(b. 1838) Warren
Culver, James  105th OVI Co. C,(1841-1922 Center) Vienna
Cummins, Jefferson A.  2nd OVC Co. D, 6th OVC Co. K, (1841-1920 Evergreen) Bristolville
Cunick, Edward  171st OVI Co. B (1840-1927 Niles Union) Niles
Curtis, Bennett  6th OVC Co. I, (1829-1895 Pinecrest) Southington
Curtis, Frank   41st OVI Co. A,  (1830-1862)  Hartford
Curtis, Horace G.  7th OVI Co. H (3 months) (b. 1838) Fowler
Curtis, James M. 48th OVI Co. D, (1839-1915 Colebrook) Fowler
Curtis, Judson S.  171st OVI Co. H  (1839-1864 Hillside) Farmington
Curtis, Silas L.  171st OVI Co. H,  (1834-1911 West)  Farmington
Curtis, Warren L.  19th OVI Co. D  (1839-1917 N F East) Newton
Custer, Joseph 125th OVI Co. C, (1835-1864 Chattanooga) Brookfield
Custer, Ransom U.  140th PA Co. B, (1848-1864 Pittsburgh, Allegheny Cem.)  Hartford
Cutting, Daniel  19th OVI Co. G, (1844-1928 West) Bristol
Cutting, Ezra  19th OVI Co. G (1841-1913 IN) Bristol


Dabney, Chauncey   2nd OVC Co. D,  196th OVI Co. D, (1843-1912 Evergreen) Farmington
Dabney, Robert L.  6th OVC Co. D,  VRC, (1845-1876 Hillside) Bristol
Dailey, Harrison  41st OVI Co. A, Railway Mail Service  (1840-1891 Oak Hill) Hartford
Dailey, William L.    19th OVI Co. G, (1830-1875 Center) Braceville 
Dally,  Henry Harrison     171st OVI Co. F (1831-1899 N F East) Newton Falls
Dally, Noah J.  19th OVI Co. C  wounded Stones River, (1833-1863 Nashville) Warren
Dana, William A.  125th OVI Co. B, (1838-1864)  Farmington
Dana, William H.  171st OVI Co. A, 196th OVI Co. D, Founder of Dana School of Music (1846-1916 Oakwood) Warren
Daniels, Andrew J.  6th OVC CO. F (1847-1926 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Darling, Russell C. 15th OH L.A., Artificer, (1830-1898 PA) Warren
Darling, Solon K.   6th OVC Co. F, (1840-1926 Girard-Liberty Union) Girard 
Darrow, Lorenzo Dow 6th OVC Co. G (1819 – 1901 Petersburg, MI) W. Farmington
Daugherty, Hugh A.  142nd PA Co. A, (1843-1915 PA) Brookfield
Davidson, Elwood O.  177th OVI Co. E, (1845-1923 Sager) N. Bristol  
Davis, Benjamin 7th OVI Co. I, (1834-1887) Weathersfield 
Davis, Benjamin R.  171st OVI Co. D,  (1834-1917 Churchill) Church Hill  
Davis, Daniel  136th PA Co. K, Weathersfield Twp. Cemetery  
Davis, David  142nd PA Co. A  Weathersfield 
Davis, Jacob  171st OVI Co. D (1839-1882 Riverside-Kerr) Weathersfield
Davis, John  1st WV Cav Co. A, Warren 
Davis, John  84th OVI Co. C, (b. 1843) Weathersfield 
Davis, John L. Jr, 25th OH Light Artillery (1845-1916 PA) Mineral Ridge
Davis, John L. Sr. 19th OVI Co. C, wounded at Shiloh, (1824-1898 Massillon Cem, Stark Co) Mineral Ridge
Davis, John M. 171st OVI Co. B, Sgt. (1843-1902 Niles Union) Niles 
Davis, John P. (Davidson)  105th OVI  Co. B (b. 1842) Brookfield
Davis, John S.   7th OVI Co. H Sgt. (1825-1900) Mecca
Davis, John W.  105th OVI Co. C  (1838-1905 4 Mile Run) Weathersfield
Davis, Lafayette  187th OVI Co. A,(1844 – 1922 East Mecca) Mecca
Davis, Marshall  105th OVI Co. B, (1843-1890 Disciples)  Cortland 
Davis, Morgan W. 105th OVI Co. C, 32nd OVI Co. D (1842-1864 Huntsville, AL) Girard
Davis, Stanley W.  18th MI Co. A 2nd Lt., Co. D, 1st Lt., wounded (1837-1920 Chicago)  Burghill  
Davis, Thomas G.  26th OVI Co. G, (b.1842)  Weathersfield
Davis, William E. 125th OVI Co. B, VRC (b.1822)  Brookfield
Davis, William G.  105th OVI Co. A, Corporal, wounded at Chickamauga, GA  (1834-1879 Riverside-Kerr) Weathersfield 
Davis, William J. 19th OVI Co. C (b.1826) Weathersfield
Davis, William M. Jr.   171st OVI Co. B (1844-1926 Niles Union) Niles
Davison,  Theadore F.  6th OVC Co. I (1848-1865 Petersburg, VA) Leavittsburg
Day, Benjamin Franklin  U.S. Navy, USS Saugus, a monitor,  witnessed Lincoln assassination,  post-war Rear Admiral (1841-1933 Oakwood Cem) Warren 
Day, Edward N.  23rd OVI Co. B, POW, VRC (1819-1885 MI) Mesopotamia
Day, Jesse  15th Light Artillery  (1821-1865 Savannah, GA) Warren
Day, William B.  2nd MN Sharpshooters (1831-1896 Hillside Cem) Johnston
Dean, Charles  86th OVI Co. A  (b. 1845) Brookfield 
Deasy, Cornelius (Dacey)  26th OVI Co. G, POW Chickamuaga, (d. 1864 Andersonville Prison) Mineral Ridge 
Deasy, Timothy (Dacey) 26th OVI Co. G Corporal, (1840-1913)  Mineral Ridge
Delaughter, Philip C.  13th MD Infantry Co. I, 11th MD Infantry Co. B, (1847-1929 Lordstown Center)   Lordstown
Delin, Joel  88th OVI Co. D  (1842-1907) Niles
Delormay, Deitrick (AKA Delaramey Detrick) 6th OVC Co. I, 100th PA Co. C  (1838-1888) Weathersfield
Deming, Osmer S. U.S. Navy, gunboat “Victory”, (1837-1917 Western Reserve Mausoleum) Warren
Dennington, Leonard  83rd PA Co. A, (1838-1912 Oakwood) Warren
DeWitt, Charles W.  29th OVI Co. C, 6th OVC Co. E, Comm. Sgt., (1832-1902) Greene 
DeWitt, William  29th OVI Co. I, (b. 1824) Greene
Dice, Emory  6th OVC Co. I, Sgt.  POW (1842-1865 Salisbury Prison, NC) Champion
Dice, George M.  105th OVI Co. C  (1843-1881 Soaptown) Niles
Dice, Homer C.   2nd OH Heavy Artillery Battery G, (1844-1922 Oakwood) Champion
Dickerman, James M. 105th OVI Co. B, Corporal (1823-1888) Mecca
Dickinson, George W. 3rd U.S. Artillery Battery E, 6th OVC Lt. Col., post-war County Sheriff (1841-1912) Johnston
Diebold, John C. (Debold)  7th OVI Co. I  (1827-1901 Riverside-Kerr) Mineral Ridge
Diehl, John M. 177th OVI Co. E, 191st OVI  (1845-1874 Champion) Champion 
Diehl, Ward 84th OVI Co. C,(1840-1920 Portage Co.) Warren
Difford, Edwin   19th OVI Co. K, (1844-1922 Fairview)  Mesopotamia
Dilley, Alson C.  125th OVI Co. C, 1st Lt., (1840-k.1864 Kennesaw Mountain) Howland
Dilley, Augustus  19th OVI Co. B  (1835-1906 KS) Hubbard
Dilley, James  171st OVI Co. C,  disabled, (1843-1909 Center)  Brookfield
Dilley, John H.   6th OVC Co. I, (1843-1926 Hillside Cemetery) Bazetta
Dilley, Jonathan  125th OVI Co. C  (1840-1863 Murfreesboro Nat’l Cem)  Bazetta
Dilley, Lewis S. 103rd OVI Co. E, Captain  (1833-1868 Howland Hill) Howland
Dillon, Amos   145th PA  Co. A, (1837-1908 St. Mary’s Cemetery) Warren 
Dillon, Homer  2nd OVC Co. D (1842-1883 KS) Champion
Dines, Phillip  41st OVI Co. B (1842-1922 Geauga Co.) Cortland
Dithridge, John 84th OVI Co. C, 171st OVI Co. B, Corporal, (1843-1926 Cambridge, OH)  Weathersfield  
Dobbins, William 24th OVI Co. F (b.1832) Mineral Ridge
Doll, Daniel  169th OVI Co. H  (1841-1919) Newton Falls  
Donnelly, Hugh  24th OVI Co. F wounded Stones River (b.1834) Weathersfield 
Donnelly, Peter   24th OVI Co. F (b. 1832)  Weathersfield
Donovan, David  70th OVI Co. D  (1835-1911 St. Stephen) Niles
Doolittle, Leonard  2nd OVC Co. D, Sgt., 25th OH Battery, 2nd Lt. (1833-1899)  Mecca
Doty, Alvin Morrell  99th OVI Co. G, 50th OVI Co. A, post-war Leavittsburg Post Master,  (1846-1926 Oaklawn Mausoleum) Leavittsburg
Doty,  Ellis E. 41st OVI Co. H   captured at Chickamauga,(1833-1864 Andersonville Nat’l Cem) Southington
Doty, Sylvester  19th OVI Co. G, (1836-1895 Center) Southington
Double, William  130th IN Co. F, (1841-1921 Oakwood) Warren
Douglass, Hugh  17th OVI Co. K, 15th OVI Co. E Sgt.  (1834-1916 Oakwood) Warren
Douglass, Thomas  14th OH Battery  chief artificer, (1812-1899 Oakwood) Warren
Dowling, Thomas L.  61st PA Co. K  (1842-1908 Belmont) Youngstown
Downer, Franklin  6th OVC Co. D (1837-1862 Washington D.C.Soldiers Home Nat’l Cem) Newton Falls
Downer, John  7th OVI Co. F,wounded at Cedar Creek, VA, U.S. Navy (1843-1913 Cleveland)  Newton Falls
Downey, Washington  127th OVI Co. I, (5th U.S. Colored Troops) (1840-1892 Pittsburgh) Warren
Downing, James P.  Trumbull Guards  (1843-1880 West Bazetta) Bazetta
Downs, Horace H. 7th OVI Co. H (1842- 1918 E. Mecca) Bristol
Downs, Jasper  105th OVI Co. B (1843-1921 Evergreen) Bristol
Downs, William G.  20th OVI Co. H, 1st Sgt., POW, (1837-1917 PA)  Newton Falls
Downs, William S.    MS Marine Brigade Co. C, (1842-1910 Garrettsville) Warren
Draa, James   171st OVI Co. B  (1837-1910 Niles Union) Weathersfield 
Drake, William Wallace  24th OVI Co. F  (1838-1912)  Howland
Draper, Nathan C.  19th OVI Co. C, (1840-1879 TX) Weathersfield
Draper, Warren   19th OVI Co. C, (1848-1930 Leavenworth Soldier’s Home, KS)  Weathersfield
Dray, John C.  Trumbull Guards (1817-1891 Doud) Vienna
Dray, William W. (Draa)  19th OVI Co. C, Corporal  (1843-1931 Oakwood) Warren
Drennen, John   105th OVI Co. B  (1842-k.1862 Perrysville) Southington  
Drexler, Joseph (Drixler) 24th OVI Co. F (b. 1832) Mineral Ridge
Druery, Augustus D. (Drury) 41st OVI Co. A, Sgt., disabled  (1828-1886 Hartford Center)  Hartford 
Dryer, Augustus F. 41st OVI Co. A, (1829- >1890 MI) Vernon 
Dubendorf, Peter H.  6th OVC Co. I,  Sgt. (1834-1864 Washington, D.C.) Braceville
DuBois, George W.  11th OVI Chaplain  Rector, Christ Church, Warren 1848-1853 (1822-1910 NY) Warren
Dudley, Oral C.  4th VT Co. G, 10th VT Co. D  (1843-1915  West View) Vernon
Dull, Daniel  42nd OVI Co. F, Corporal, POW  (1841 – 1919 Newton Falls East) Paris Twp, Portage Co.
Dunbar, Barney  177th OVI Co. D, (1830-1908 Evergreen South) Johnston
Dunlap, Orsemus  171st OVI Co. A  (1843-1864 Covington, KY) Oakwood
Dunn, John A.    145th PA Co. G, (d. 1907) Cortland  
Dunn, Lyman  19th OVI Co. G (1833-1912 MI)  Johnston
Durant, George  Trumbull Guards, 6th U.S. Cav Co. M, VRC (1823-1887) Liberty
Dustman, Solomon 76th OVI Co. K, Sgt. (1837-1907 N. Jackson)  Lordstown
Dutcher, Albert V.  41st OVI Co. A, (1842-1916 Hillside Cem) Hartford
Dutcher, George W. 19th OVI Co. C (3 mo’s), 76th PA Co. B, Corporal (1840-1864 City Point VA Nat’l Cem) Hartford
Dye, James R.  145th PA Co. F, (1831-1896 Ashtabula Co) Johnston


Easton, Carey O.  171st OVI Co. H (1846-1865) Farmington
Easton, Luman   39th OVI Co. F, (1836-1924 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Eckenroad, Chauncey   155th PA Co. A (1842-1933) Orangeville
Eckenrode, Daniel  41st OVI Co. F (b.1818) Newton Falls
Eckenrode, John 41st OVI Co. F (b. 1819) Newton Falls
Eckman, Ambrose  84th OVI Co. B,  171st OVI Co. D,  1st Mayor of Girard, (1845-1925 Liberty Union) Girard
Edgar, John    76th PA Co. B  orderly at brigade hospital, (1835-1909 W. Mecca) Mecca
Edney, James C.  2nd OVC Co. D, Saddler, captured near Petersburg, held at Andersonville (1837-1903 Center) Bloomfield
Edney, George  6th OVC Co. A  (1836-1862) Bloomfield
Edwards,  Edward R.  20th OH Battery  wounded at Lookout Mt., captured at Dalton, GA., (1828-1910) Mineral Ridge
Edwards, James L.  105th OVI Co. C (1842-1919 TX)  Weathersfield
Edwards, John F.    105th OVI Co. C  wounded at Perryville (1844-1904 Oakwood) Warren
Edwards, Timothy   19th OVI Co. C (3 mo’s) 1st Sgt, 19th OVI, Major, (1838-k.1862 Shiloh) Warren
Eells, Henry M.   87th OVI Co. B, 10th Co. Indep. Sharpshooters (1844-1864 near Petersburg, VA) Johnston
Eells, Samuel  6th Iowa Cav Co. F  (1832-1862) Johnston
Elder, James K. 87th OVI Co. B,  2nd OVC Sgt. Major, (1842-1918 FL) Johnston
Eldridge, James H.  45th PA Co. D,  (1843-1890 Center)  Vienna
Ellis, John T.  29th OVI Co. A, VRC (b.1844) Mesopotamia
Ellis, James  6th U.S. Cav  Co. K, Sgt. (1838-1905 North View) Gustavus
Elliot, Benjamin D.  20th OVI Co. H, (1822-1862 committed suicide while on furlough) Lordstown
Elliot, John   121st PA CO. F   Sgt.  wounded at Weldon R.R., VA (1844-1915 Oakwood) Warren
Elliot, William  U.S. Navy,  USS Essex, (1838 – 1891 Oakwood) Warren
Elliott, Edwin  6th OVC Co. G  (1841-1862 Columbus, Seceders Corners) Vienna
Elliott, George S.  123rd PA Co. K,  (1832-1918 Lowellville) Niles
Elliott, Richard 24th OVI Co. F (b.1838) Mineral Ridge
Ellis, James  6th U.S. Cavalry Co. K Sgt., (1843-1905 North View) Gustavus
Elmer, John  Trumbull Guards, (d. 1915 Four Mile Run) Mineral Ridge
Elwell, Amasa  5th NYHA Co. E, (1836-1871)  W. Farmington
Elwell, John J. Ass’t Quartermaster of Volunteers, Lt. Col., Brevet Brigadier General, (1820-1900 Woodland Cem. Cleveland) Warren
Emerson, Merritt  105th OVI Co. B, Lt., (1838-1863 Murfreesboro)  Vienna
Emery, William   14th PA Co. G  wounded  Ashby’s Gap, VA, captured & paroled (d. 1911) Weathersfield
Ems, John, a.k.a. Eanse, John K., (see also Kelley, John) 29th U.S. Colored Troops Co. F,  (d. 1921 Niles Union) Weathersfield
Engleman, William   4th WV Co. A   Lt., 9th WV Co. E   Captain (1818-1887 Oakwood) Warren
Enos, Josiah  84th OVI Co. E, 12nd OVC Co. E,  (b.1819) Fowler
Ensign, Ellis  171st OVI Co. E, Corporal  (1845-1895 N F East)  Newton Falls
Ensign, Egbert E. 2nd OVC Co. D, 25th L.A., (1843-1892 Columbus, OH) Farmington
Ensign, Erastus H.  171st OVI Co. A  (1821-1889 Newton Falls East) Newton Falls
Ensign, Walter S.  84th OVI Co. C, 196th OVI Co. D, Sgt. (1843-1933 Garrettsville) Mesopotamia
Ensign, Washington P..  14th OH Battery, (1842-1913 Burton, OH)  Mesopotamia
Ensign, William H.  105th OVI Co. B (b.1841) Farmington
Erdice, Augustus W.   14th PA Cav Co. H (1841-1919 West)  Farmington
Ernest, Silas S. 19th OVI Co. C (1844-1916 Ohltown) Lordstown
Erwin, Alexander   171st OVI Co. B,  musician, (1820-1889 Riverside-Kerr) Weathersfield
Erwin, Henry  24th OVI Co. F, Corporal (b. 1838) Bazetta
Esgar, Benjamin F.  105th OVI Co. C (1838-1908) Weathersfield
Evans, Azariah (Ezeriah) 105th OVI Co. C (1839-1913) Weathersfield
Evans, Edward B.  171st OVI Co. D (1844-1907 Oakwood)  Warren
Evans, James 19th OVI Co. C, (1837-1864 Kennesaw Mountain, GA, (National Cemetery, Marietta,GA) Weathersfield
Evans, James F.  26th OVI Co. G  (b. 1826) Weathersfield
Evans, John  105th OVI Co,. C  (b. 1847) Weathersfield  
Evans, John L.   6th OVC Co. G  captured & held at Andersonville for 17 months (1843-1915 Riverside- Kerr) Mineral Ridge
Evans, Robert  2nd OVC Co. D,  (1835-1872 Kenilworth) Greene
Evans, William E. 105th OVI Co. C (1839 – 1922 Riverside-Kerr) Weathersfield
Everett, Edson S.  124th OVI Co. D, (1829-1898 Hillside) Southington
Everett,  Henry H.  93rd NY Co. I POW  (1844-1906 Hillside Cemetery) Southington
Everhart, Frederick  4th Battery U.S. Artillery, Corporal  (1839-1919 Girard-Liberty Union) Liberty
Ewalt, Henry C.  84th OVI Co. C  (1844-1916) Howland
Ewalt, John A.  105th OVI Co. B, Corporal (1843-1863 Louisville, KY) Howland


Failes, Caleb N.  140th PA Co. B  (1840-1921 Oakwood) Warren
Falkenstein, Matthias   84th OVI Co. B,  155th OVI Co. B   Sgt. (1834-1922 Lake Park Cem) Liberty
Fatchell,  Frederick   171st OVI Co. D  (1825-1865 Girard-Liberty Union) Girard
Faurot,  James E.  105th OVI Co. B, (1842-1921 FL) Bazetta
Faunce, Ezra   6th OVC Co. I, Lt.,  POW Salisbury Prison, (1838-1902 MI) Bazetta
Faunce, Issac   6th OVC Co. I, Corporal (1846-1901 MI) Bazetta
Faunce, Parmenus  6th OVC Co. I  Corporal,  wounded at Wilderness, VA, (1844-1903 MI) Bazetta 
Feather, William R.  3rd OH Battery,(1833-1897 KS)  Vienna 
Fell, Albinus R. 6th OVC Co. D, Sgt. (1839-1898 West View)  Burghill
Fell, Aurelius L. 39th PA Co. G (10th PA Reserve)  wounded at Gaines Mills, Fredericksburg, captured  (1848-1929 Hayes) Burghill
Fell,  Cassius M.   57th PA Co. B  captured at Weldon R.R., VA (1844-1907 Orangeville Cem.) Orangeville
Fell, Charles R.  3rd PA Heavy Artillery Battery M  (1842-1922 Shenango Valley) Orangeville
Fell,  Edsell R.   2nd OVC Co. C, Sgt.(1838-1918) Hartford
Fell, Erwin R.  2nd PA Heavy Artillery Co. C (1843-1914 Kinsman New) Vernon
Fell, Charles Rollin  3rd PA Heavy Artillery Battery M   Sgt. (1842-1922 Shenango Valley) Orangeville
Fenn, Samuel  125th OVI Co. B, wounded, (1822-1903 Pioneer) Vernon
Fenstermaker, Eli  6th OVC Co. I, Farrier, wounded (1838-1893 MN) Champion
Fenstermaker, Peter  6th OVC Co. I, 177th OVI Co. E  (1840-1874 Champion) Champion
Fenton, Alcenus Ward   6th OVC Co. D, Captain, Acting Inspector General, staff of Maj. Gen Crook (1839-1923 Sager) Bristol
Fenton, Arthur E.  6th OVC Co.A,C (1843-1902)  Bristol
Fenton, Collins W.  6th OVC Co. C, (1845-1917 Sager) Bristol
Fenton, Homer F.  1st PA Light Artillery Battery E, B  (1847-1929) Mineral Ridge
Fenton, John  125th OVI Co. C  (1834-1873 Center) Bloomfield
Fenton, Lucius  6th OVC Co. A, wounded, VRC (1841-1917 NY) Bloomfield
Fenton, Samuel P.  196th OVI Co. E,  (1828-1889 Oakwood ) Warren
Fenton, William Washington  6th OVC Co. E Commissary Sgt. (1836-1883 Sager) Bristol
Ferguson, Eli   171st OVI Co. B (1847-1908 Oakwood Cemetery) Niles
Ferguson, Malcolm  Trumbull Guards Co. D  died at Gallipolis, OH (1844-1864 West Bazetta) Bazetta
Ferry, Lemuel A.  6th U.S. Cavalry Co. K (1844-1913 IL)  Bloomfield
Ferry, Orlando N.  6th OVC Co. B, Captain (1837-1901 Cleveland, Lake View) Bloomfield
Fiedler, William Harrison  5th PA Cavalry Co. M, POW, (1842-1926 Oak Hill) Hubbard
Fields, Thomas N.  7th OVI Co. I (3 mo’s), 155th OVI Co. C (1839-1901 Oakwood) Howland
Fiester, Albert M.   171st OVI Co. F, (1846-1868 Lutheran Cem) Newton Falls
Fife, Alexander (Fyfe) 14th OH Battery (1840-1909 Cleveland)  Weathersfield
Filer, James 105th Co. A  (1833-1880) Weathersfield 
Filkins, Manley A. 26th MI Co. I (1829-1923 Belmont ) Youngstown
Finnegan, Michael  24th OVI Co. F  (1835-1899 St. Mary’s) Mineral Ridge 
Finney, Henry E. 105th OVI Co. B, Corporal (1840-1916 Chicago)  Bristol 
Finney, Theodore  19th OVI Co. G (1838-1914 IA)  Bristol
Fishel, Eben B.  105th OVI Co. H  (1842-1863 Louisville, KY)  Southington
Fishel, Samuel  41st OVI Co. H  wounded at Stone River (1813-1884 Pinecrest) Southington
Fishel, Warren H.  125th OVI Co. B,  (1846-1918 West)  Southington
Fishel, Wesley C.  125th OVI Co. B, wounded at Kennesaw Mt.  (1844-1915 West) Southington
Fisher, Daniel  1st Louisiana Co. H (CSA) deserted and claimed forced service, (b. 1838) Weathersfield
Fisher, George  15th PA Cavalry Co. C, Co. H  captured at Stone River, held at Libby Prison, (1839-1911) Bristolville
Fisher, Joseph  19th OVI Co. C  wounded at Chickamauga (1843-1930) Niles
Fisher, Samuel  19th OVI Co. I  (1844-1932) Warren
Fisher, Thomas  7th OVI Co. A, (1839-1912) Warren
Fitch, Adrian P.  125th OVI Co. B,  (1841-k.1864 Kennesaw Mt, Marietta Nat’l Cem)  Kinsman
Fitch, Alva L.  14th OH Light Artillery  (1838-1926 NE) Warren
Fitch, Franklin Royal (Boyd)  46th PA Co. C,  (1839-1863 at Decherd, TN) Kinsman
Fitch, Kirtland M.  171st OVI Co. A, Corporal., (1843-1915 Oakwood) Kinsman
Fitch, Charles Orasmus  125th OVI Co. B  wounded at Rocky Face Ridge, GA, (1845-1902 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Fitch, Perry  84th OVI Co. K, 125th OVI Co, B  wounded & captured at Chickamauga, (1844-1863 Richmond, VA) Kinsman 
Fitch, Samuel  6th U.S. Cavalry Co. K  (1835-1910 IA) Weathersfield 
Fitch, William R.  125th OVI Co. B  (1836-1922) Kinsman  
Fitts, Charles C.  29th OVI Co. C (1835-1913 CT)  Gustavus 
Fitts, Edward  29th OVI Band, Musician  (1822-1865 Old Center) Gustavus
Flannigan, Martin  94th NY Co. D, Corporal (b. 1828) Bristolville
Flannigan, Patrick   41st OVI Co. E  (b. 1843) Niles
Fleegle, George W.  138th PA Co. E,  wounded at Cold Harbor, VA (1847-1907) Masury
Flick, Charles  20th OVI Co. H  (1843-1929 Duck Creek ) Lordstown
Flick,  Clark A.  171st OVI Co. H   (1846-1864  at Johnson’s Island, OH, Hillside)  West Farmington  
Flint, Adolphus  41st OVI Co. A, Corporal (1840-1893 Geauga County, Overlook Cem.)  Hartford
Floody, James  125th OVI Co. B (1838-1907 WI) Farmington
Floody, Thomas 6th OVC Co. D, (b.1830) Farmington
Floor, Daniel W.  155th OVI Co. G (1834-1902) West Farmington
Flower, William W.  19th OVI Co. C  wounded at Corinth, MS, 4th OVI Co. D  Bugler (1841-1920 Center) N. Bloomfield
Fobes, Ethelbert  171st OVI Co. G, (1837 – 1916 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Fobes, Franklin J.  125th OVI Co. B   wounded at Dandridge, TN, VRC (1832-1909 Wayne Twp.) Kinsman
Fobes, Joseph  171st OVI Co. G (1847-1864 Camp Dennison OH, Kinsman New) Kinsman
Fobes, Loren B.   171st OVI Co. G, (1831-1911 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Fonderlin, Frank  19th OVI Co. C  (1846-1916) Niles
Foote, Curtis  177th OVI Co. D  (1846-1865 Nashville, Dugan Cem) Fowler
Foote, Levi  41st OVI Co. K  (1842-1862 Louisville, KY, Cave Hill Nat’l Cem)  Fowler
Forbes, Hatton P.  2nd OVC Co. C, VRC (b.1835)  Warren
Forbes, William H. 19th OVI Co. C,  Recruiting Service,  105th OVI Co. B  1st Lt., (1839-1922 Oakwood )  Warren
Folsom, Omar W. 19th OVI Co. C,  (1838 – 1913 Kansas City, MO) Weathersfield
Force, Robert 6th OVC Co. D, (1819-1899) Newton Falls
Force, Royal  6th OVC Co. D  wounded at Malvern Hill, VA  (1844-1866 Vaughn Cem)  Newton Falls
Ford, Abraham 2nd OVC Co. D, (1824-1902 Nat’l Soldiers Home, Dayton) Warren
Ford, Harvey  7th OVI Co. H, 92nd NYI, 177th OVI, (1839-1922 East) Farmington
Ford, Hezekiah M. 84th OVI Co. C, 171st OVI Co. A, 1st Sgt., (1836-1864 Ravenna) Warren
Forsyth, John  2nd Potomac Home Battalion, Co. I,  13th MD Co. F  (1842-1910) Warren
Fortney, Benjamin  Erb’s Co., PA Ind’p Infantry  (1823-1877) Warren
Fortney, Henry  144th OVI Co. I, POW  (1840-1865 Baltimore) Vernon
Fortney, John H.  31st WI Co. D & K, Corporal,  (1839-1868 WI) Johnston
Fowler, Charles C.  105th OVI Co. C (1827-1887 OR) Liberty 
Fowler, Manning  72nd OVI Co. I, D, Captain, 171st OVI, Major (1830-1870 IN)  Newton 
Fox, Albert   24th OVI Co. F, (b.1842) Fowler
Fox, Ellis E.  7th OVI Co. H, Sgt.  wounded & POW in Georgia, (1837-1916 Oakwood) Warren
Fox, Henry M.  5th MI Cav Co. M, Sgt.  Medal of Honor  (1844-1923 MI) Champion
Fox, Henry P.  30th MA Co. D, 34th MA Co. H, Captain, wounded, (1838-1912) Warren
Fox, John C.  7th OVI Co. H, Sgt. Major wounded Culpeper C.H., VA,  196th OVI Co. D, (1838-1915 Oakwood )  Warren
Fox, William H.  7th OVI Co. H,  severely wounded 1863, (1840-1906 IL) Warren
Frack, George M.  84th OVI Co. B, 171st OVI Co. D (1846-1936 Liberty Union) Liberty
France, Alexander   16th OVI Co. F, 80th OVI Co. B, (1898 New Philadelphia, OH) Farmington
Frank, John P.   6th OVC Co. F, 1st Sgt. (1839-1912 Portage Co) Champion
Frazier, George (Frazer)  171st OVI Co. D (1844-1912 Girard-Liberty Union) Loy’s Corners
Frazier, Henry  196th OVI Co K, (1849-1924 Medina Co.) Kinsman
Frazier, Isaac   105th OVI Co. C, 12th OVC Co. E,  (1841-1864  drowned in Big Sandy River) Girard
Frazier, John A.  29th OVI Co. C (1830-1875 Kenilworth) Gustavus
Frazier, John H.  105th OVI Co. C  (1838-1878 Girard-Liberty Union) Girard
Freas, Charles  19th OVI Co. C, Corporal (1839-1868: murdered wife, then killed himself) Warren
Freas, Henry H.  6th OVC Co. K  (1840-1913) Warren
Freas, John R.  84th OVI Co. H, 129th OVI Co. K, 2nd OVC Co. A, (1844- 1897 North) Hartford
Fredhofer, Charles 61st PA  Co. H, Corporal, 12th U.S. Infantry (post war)  (1844-1886 Liberty Union) Coitsville
Freeman, Edward L. 2nd OVC Co. D (1842-1892 Geauga Co) Farmington 
Freeman, Morris W. 2nd OVC Co. D (1846-1864 Knoxville, Old Cem., Parkman) West Farmington
Freeman, Oscar  171st OVI Co. I  (1836-1915) Cortland
Freer, Abram C.  Trumbull Guards, Sgt. (1837-1889) Bazetta
Freer, James M. Trumbull Guards (1833-1879) Weathersfield
Freer, John C.  Trumbull Guards (1843-1907 Old Soldiers Home, Sandusky)  Bazetta
Freer, Josiah D. 6th OVC Co. K, Lt., Trumbull Guards, Lt. (1809-1881 Oakwood ) Warren
Freer, Jeremiah  Trumbull Guards,  (1832-1892 West Bazetta) Bazetta
Freer, Phelps G.  Trumbull Guards  (1844-1892 West Bazetta)
Freer, Romeo H.  Corporal, 86th OVI Co. G, post-war Atty General & Congressman from WV   (1846-1913 WV) Bazetta
French, Caleb  125th OVI Co. B, (1831-1914 Arnold-French) Mesopotamia
French, George W. 125th OVI Co. B,  (1827-1904) Braceville
French, Sharon  125th OVI Co.E, 1st Lt.. (1844-1891 KS) Greene
Fresher, Thomas 7th OVI Co. A (1838 – 1912 Oakwood) Warren
Fulk, John A.  20th OVI Co. H (b. 1843) Lordstown
Fulk, Solomon  20th OVI Co. H, (1840-1861 Paltzgroff) Lordstown
Fulk, Uriah E. 20th OVI Co. H, (1838-k. Raymond, MS) Lordstown
Fuller, Davis C.  41st OVI Co. A  Lt.  (1840-1870 Hartford Center) Hartford 
Fuller, Leroy M. 125th OVI Co. C (1834-1916 IA) Bristol
Fuller, Warren  84th OVI Co. C, (1842-1906 Akron) Warren
Fuller, William S. 24th OVI Co. F (1832 – ?) W. Farmington
Fullwiler, Eli 19th OVI Co. G, 6th OVC Co. F  captured near Washington DC held at Danville Prison, (1844 – 1925) Braceville
Fullwiler, Ensign   41st OVI Co. E, (1843 – 1902 Center) Braceville
Fullwiler, Henry 2nd OVC Co. C, Bugler, (1822-1897 MN)  Braceville
Fusselman, Charles T.  171st OVI Co. A,  (1844 – 1897 Oakwood) Warren
Fusselman, Edward  171st OVI Co. C, (1847-1922 Maple Grove) Hubbard
Fusselman, Gideon 19th OVI Co. B, Sgt.  wounded at Stone River, (1828-1872) Hubbard
Fusselman, Henry B. 19th OVI Co. B, D, F Captain (1838-1893 IL) Hubbard
Fusselman, James .A.   86th OVI Co. A, 155th OVI Co. D, (1845-1901 Center) Brookfield 
Fusselman, Joseph  20th OVI Co. H, POW (1828-1865 Andersonville) Lordstown
Fyfe, Alexander 14th OH Battery (b.1840) Mineral Ridge


Gale, Bradford  Trumbull Guards (not on roster) (1840-1920 Evergreen) Mecca
Gale, Lyman  6th OVC Co. A,  Corporal, POW  (1842-1913 Evergreen) Mecca
Galpin, Daniel B. 2nd CT HA Co. I (1838-1914, West Cem. Plymouth, CT) Mecca
Gamble, Robert A. 84th OVI Co. C Musician, 2nd OVC Co. D, Corporal (1845-1929 Center)  Hartford
Gardner, Doctor C.  128th OVI Co. K,  (1846-1928 North View) Gustavus
Gardner, Dillon P.  19th OVI Co. B, (1844-1935 IN) Hubbard 
Gardner, Dolphine Eugene  6th OVC Co. E, Farrier (1828-1901 Ashtabula)  Johnston
Gardner, George D. 164th OVI Co. F, (1840-1899 Kent, OH) Warren
Gardner, James F.  19th OVI Co. B  (1842-1865 Huntsville, AL), Hubbard  
Gardner, William J.  10th PA Co. B, (1836-1913 Smith’s Corners) Hubbard
Garrard, Charles T.  7th OVI Co. H, 6th U.S. Cavalry Co. K, (1842-1925 IL) Bazetta
Garrard, Daniel  Warren  46th IL Co. A (1839-1918 Center) Vienna
Gartner, John Peter  125th OVI Co. B (1827-1893 Oakwood) Warren 
Gaskill, Dorcus  Nurse (b. 1826) Warren
Gates, Lucas W. Trumbull Guards (1842-1912 MI)  Fowler
Gause, Isaac  2nd OVC Co. E, Corporal  Medal of Honor  (1843-1920 Arlington National Cemetery) Goshen
Gechter, John  5th U.S. Artillery Co. M, (1832 – 1894 Oakwood) Warren
Geddes, John  19th OVI Co. B,  105th OVI Co. C Sgt., (1837-1909 Girard-Liberty Union) Liberty 
Geddes, Robert 84th OVI Co. B, Corporal, 171st OVI Co. B 1st Sgt, (1833-1889) Weathersfield
Genger, John    142nd PA Co. I,  (1840-1892 W. Mecca) Mecca
George, Thomas  105th OVI Co. A,  (b.1840 Niles Union) Weathersfield
Gibbons, Samuel W..  6th OVC Co. C (1841 – 1928 Oakwood)Warren  
Gibson, George N.  24th OVI Co. F, (1843-1913 Richland Co.) Gustavus
Giddings, Harvey  125th OVI Co. B, ( 1833-1912 North View) Vernon
Gifford, John  206th PA Co. G  (1841-1915 Niles Union) Niles
Gilbert, Aaron  6th U.S. Cavalry Co. K  captured, held at Belle Isle Prison (1842-1916 Champion) Champion
Gilbert, George B. 15th OVI Co. G , POW Libby Prison,  (1847-1939 Niles Union Mausoleum) Niles
Gilbert, George C.  13th NY Co. D, G, & K, Trumbull Guards, 177th OVI Co. D 1st Lt., (1827-1890 Howland Corners)  Howland
Gilbert, Harry R. 171st OVI Co. D (1845-1914 Oakwood) Liberty
Gilbert, Henry P.  105th OVI Co. C, Captain  (1818-1882 Girard-Liberty Union) Liberty
Gilbert, Hiram  6th U.S. Cavalry Co. K, (1840-1931 Oakwood Cemetery) Champion 
Gilbert, John W.  Trumbull Guards,(1840-1899 MT)  Bazetta  
Gilchrist, Samuel B.  14th OH Battery (1840-1919 Cincinnati) Mecca
Gildard, Henry B.  125th OVI Co. B  (1838-1920) Bazetta
Gilder, Henry H.  171st OVI Co. G (1831-1911 Kinsman New) Gustavus
Gilder, Lathrop P.  15th OH Battery (1836-1914 Western Reserve Mausoleum) Warren
Gilder, Miles S. 171st OVI Co. G, (1838-1928 Kinsman New ) Kinsman
Gilkey, Elliott Sheldon 57th PA Co. B, (1831-k.1864 Wilderness, VA, Evergreen Cem.)  Bristol
Gilkey, Walter R.  116th OVI Surgeon  (1827-1863  Winchester VA, Kinsman New) Kinsman
Gillett, Elbert A.  2nd OVC Co. D  (1844-1919 West)  Farmington
Gillett, James  7th OVI Co. G (3 mo’s)  (1840-1897 Oakwood ) Warren
Gillett, John H. 171st OVI Co. F  ( 1845-1904 N F East) Newton Falls
Gillis, Allen W.  23rd OVI Co. B Sgt., 171st OVI Co. G  Lt, (1830-1895 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Gillis, Amos 23rd OVI Co. B Sgt., Lt., Captain  (1838 – 1864 killed at Berryville, VA) Kinsman
Gillis, James A.  23rd OVI Co. B  Sgt.  wounded at Antietam (1836-1885 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Gillis, John  125th OVI Co. B, (1838-1910 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Gilman, Clark J.  Trumbull Guards (1842-1906)  Mecca
Gilmore, David  20th OVI Co. H  (1838-1886 Dietrich Corners) Newton Falls
Gilmore, Emory  125th OVI Co. B  (1844-1918 Seceders Corners) Hubbard
Gilmore, John  6th OVC Co. G  Farrier,  wounded at Petersburg (1841-1908 Niles Union) Vienna
Gilmore, Thomas  20th OVI Co. H (1835-1881 Dietrich Corners) Newton Falls
Gilmore, Wallace  171st OVI Co. A  (1843-1891 Oakwood ) Warren
Gleason, Thompson H.  171st OVI Co. G  (1843-1893 Kinsman New) Kinsman 
Glendening, Harrison (Henry)   20th OVI Co. H, 86th OVI Co. A, Wagoner, 171st OVI Co. B, (1839-1918 PA) Weathersfield
Godsall, William H.  105th OVI Co. C (1843-1862 Old North) Hubbard
Godward, Mark  19th OVI Co. B, Corporal (1840-1914) Girard
Goff, Albert T.  3rd PA Heavy Artillery Battery K  (1842-1923 Oakwood)  Warren
Goff, Porter A.  125th OVI Co. B, wounded at Chickamuaga, VRC (1833-1892) Farmington
Goist, Hiram K.  171st OVI Co. D  (1837-1864 Johnson’s Island, OH, Girard-Liberty Union) Girard 
Goldner, William  41st OVI Co. K, 6th OVC Co. H, Farrier, (b.1834) Mecca
Goodhart, Daniel E.  20th OVI Co. H, (1839-1902 (Dayton Nat’l Soldier Home) Lordstown
Goodhart, Samuel 20th OVI Co. H,  (1826-1896 Wilson Pine) Leavittsburg
Goodhart, William  20th OVI Co. H (1829-1908 Wilderson) Newton Falls
Goodman, William (Guttman) 23rd OVI Co. E (1841-1922 IA) Champion
Goodrich, Edward Payson  6th OVC Co. A  (1827-1931 Cleveland) Warren
Goodrich, William P.  171st OVI Co. F  (1816-1874 Center) Braceville
Gordon, George F.  19th OVI Co. G, 6th OVC Co. F, disabled   (1841-1924 Center) Braceville
Gorton, George P.  14th NY Heavy Artillery Battery H, (1847-1932 Western Reserve Mausoleum) Warren
Graeter, Adolphus    38th OVI Bandmaster  (1833-1889 Evergreen) Warren
Graeter, Harmon  K.   84th OVI Co. C  (1842-1864 Oakwood) Warren
Graham, Amzi H.  1st OH Artillery, Battery I, wounded  (1838-1907 Riverside-Kerr)  Weathersfield
Graham, Charles G. 87th OVI Co. B, Corporal, (1846-1883) Newton
Graham, Samuel  182nd OVI Co. E, (1849-1876 Niles Union) Weathersfield  
Granger, George W. 105th OVI Co. B, Corporal (1836-1920 MO)  Howland
Granger, Issac  19th OVI Co. E  Corporal  wounded at Stone River,  disabled (1842-1896 Churchill) Liberty
Granger, Lemuel  6th OVC Co. G  Corporal   wounded at Kelley’s Ford, VA , POW  (1844-1914 Churchill) Liberty
Gray, Clinton J.  13th OVC Co. B  (1845-1911 North View) Gustavus  
Gray, Emmons C.   24th OVI Co. F  Sgt.  wounded at Shiloh,(1841-1916 FL) Greene
Gray, John  29th OVI Co. C (1843-k.1864 Dug Gap, GA)  Gustavus  
Green, Abner  25th WI Co. D, (1832-1905 Evergreen South) Johnston  
Green, George W.  105th OVI Co. C, (b.1840) Liberty 
Green, Henry S.   19th OVI Co. G, Corporal (1831-1897 Girard-Liberty Union) Girard
Green, Lewis Thomas 27th U.S. Colored Troops,  Warren
Green, Nicholas H.  171st OVI Co. D  (1845-1904 Niles Union)  Weathersfield
Greenawalt, David 24th OVI Co. F, (1840-1913 IL) Lordstown
Greer, Alonzo W.  171st OVI Co. H, (1848-1929 Akron, OH)  Farmington  
Greer, Hamilton  45th OVI Co. H, 1st Lt. (1834-1908 Hillside)  Farmington  
Gregory, Harvey  171st OVI Co. C  (1827 – 1909 Center) Brookfield
Gridley, Albert  60th PA Co. A, 57th PA Co. C, (1818-1889) Johnston
Gridley, Homer  41st OVI Co. A, 6th OVC Co. B  Bugler (1843-1872 MA Evergreen South) Johnston
Griffith, Milo W.   171st OVI Co. H, (1831-1911 West) Farmington
Grim, James 6th OVC Co. D  (1846-1879 West) Farmington
Grim, Lewis  20th OVI Co. H (1842-1918) Lordstown
Grim, Peter 20th OVI Co. H, (1838 – 1923 Paltzgroff) Lordstown
Grimm, Albert  105th OVI Co. B (1842-k.1862  Perryville, KY) Bazetta  
Grimm, Charles (Guin)  1st WV Co. F, 2nd WV Co. F   Brookfield
Grimm, Ephraim, 105th  OVI Co. B (1840-1915 Disciples) Cortland
Grimmesey, John W.  143rd OVI Co. D  (1824-1892 Oakwood) Warren
Grinnell, William J.   20th OVI Co. H, Corporal  (1840-1920 Evergreen) Bristolville
Griswold, George H.  171st OVI Co. G, (1845-1924 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Groscost, Stewart   6th OVC Co. G, Corporal,  POW (b. 1843) Hartford
Grover, Anson R.   12th CT Co. G, Musician,  92nd U.S. Colored Troops, Chief Musician,  (1826-1902 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Gruver, Abraham  76th PA Co. B  (1848-1929 Seceders Corners) West Middlesex
Guenther, Martin L.  171st OVI Co. F  (1845-1914 Wilson-Pine Knoll) Howland
Guy, Thomas  150th OVI Co. C, (1845-1900) Liberty
Guy, William N.  150th OVI Co. F, (1846-1906) Liberty
Gwinner, Jacob  27th PA Militia Co. A, 48th PA Co. G (1845-1911 Oak Hill Union) Hubbard


Haddock, John 105th OVI Co. I  (b. 1818 Oakwood) Warren
Hadley, Julius L.  2nd OH Cav Co. C & D, Lt.,  25th OH Battery, Captain, 1st MO Light Artillery, Bvt. Major, Chief of Artillery under Brig. Gen. J.W. Davidson (1836-1867, Galveston, TX) Warren
Hadsell, Bethuel  50th WI Co. G, (b. 1834 Disciples) Cortland
Hadsell, Cassius M. 14th OH Battery,  (1845-1921 Disciples) Cortland
Hadsell, Edwin  105th OVI Co. B, (1840-1921 Disciples) Cortland  
Hagar, Asa  125th OVI Co. B, wounded in action, (1841-1864)  Brookfield
Haight, Albert W.   19th OVI Co. C, Corporal, wounded   (1840-1895 Oakwood) Mecca 
Haight, Ira A. 19th OVI Co. C Corporal, twice wounded (1844-1922 AZ)  Warren Twp.
Haight, William E. 19th OVI Co. C Corporal (1842- k.1863 Chickamauga) Warren Twp.
Haight, William J. 6th OVC Co. I 1st Lt. (1817-1868 Lover’s Lane) Warren Twp.
Haine, George E.  105th OVI Co. I, (1840-1920 Center) Bloomfield
Haine, William J.  105th OVI Co. I, 118th USCT 1st LT. (1837-1923 Center) Bloomfield
Haines, Ellwood P. 29th OVI Surgeon (1834-1877 Elyria) Kinsman
Hake, Enos  6th OVC Co. G,  (1845-1895 Girard-Liberty Union) Warren
Hake, Jacob  128th OVI Co. I, (1835-1916 Niles Union) Niles
Hake, Samuel  105th OVI Co. I (1844-1893 Girard-Liberty Union) Howland
Hall, Ansel  B.  125th OVI Co. C  (1838-1864 Brookfield) Brookfield  
Hall, Benjamin  125th OVI Co. C (1836-1904 PA) Vernon
Hall, David A.  177th OVI Co. D, (1839-1927 West View) Burghill
Hall, John  125th OVI Co. C (1842-1865 Vicksburg, MS Vicksburg Nat’l Cem) Bloomfield 
Hall, Levi H. 125th OVI Co. C, wounded, (1841-1921 CO) Mecca
Hall, Oliver B.  6th OVC Co. D Corporal  (1837-1917 Ridge-Rand) Fowler
Hall, Riley  6th OVC Co. D (1821-1893 Ridge-Rand) Fowler  
Hall, Thaddeus P.  2nd OVC Co. C, 25th OH Battery, (1841-1917 Sandusky Soldiers Home) Brookfield 
Hall, Thomas F.  6th OVC Co. D (1843-1862) Farmington
Hall, Wesley M.  6th OVC Co. D,  (1842-1891 West)  Farmington
Hall, William R. 1st U.S. Artillery, Co. M,  U.S. Coastal Artillery, 3rd & 10th Co. (1834-1875 Ridge) Fowler
Hallock, Eardley D.  171st OVI Co. E (1845-1906 German Lutheran) Newton
Halstead, Elisha  87th OVI Co. B, (1844-1887 Hillside) Fowler
Hamilton, George B.,  2nd OVC Co. D, (1836-1862 Indian Territory) Mesopotamia
Hamilton, James  177th OVI Co. D, (1828 – 1908 Evergreen South) Vernon
Hammond, Charles  41st OVI Co. G,D, 1st Lt., (1838-1918 Maple Grove) Hubbard
Hampson, Russell  Trumbull Guards   (1822-1879 Oakwood)  Warren
Hank, Thomas M.  6th OVC Co. G POW (1837-1893) Howland
Handlin, Alanson  Trumbull Guards, (1833-1903 MI)  Hartford
Hapgood, George N.  171st OVI Co. A  Sgt.  (1825-1865 Oakwood Cem) Warren
Hardman, George H.  142nd PA Co. A  (d.1916 Niles Union) Niles
Hardman, Peter M.  7th OVI Co. H,  5th OVI,  Brigade Band; (b.1839) Newton Falls
Hardy, James A.  19th OVI Co. C, (1838 – 1908 Hillside) Cortland
Harklerode, Dillon P.  6th OVC Co. E, wounded,  (1843 – 1909 Oakwood) Champion
Harklerode, Wesley  7th OVI Co. H  (1841 – 1863 Harper’s Ferry, WV) Champion
Harklerode, William  171st OVI Co. H, (1845 – 1934 East) Farmington
Harmon, Charles R.  24th OVI Co. F, 1st Lt., (1826-k.1862 Stones River, Stones River  Nat’l Cem) Warren
Harmon, Heman  19th OVI Co. C, 1st Lt. & ordinance officer, 171st OVI Lt. Col, (1842 – 1889 Oakwood)  Warren
Harrington, Alonzo  19th OVI Co. G, I    wounded at Chickamauga (b.1829) Mecca
Harrison, Bernard  6th OVC Co. G (1843-1878 Shenango Valley)  Kinsman
Harrison, Kimmel K.  125th OVI Co. C (1838-1910 MI) Gustavus
Harrison, Manuel J. 105th OVI Co. I (1840-1864 Andersonville Prison)  Bloomfield
Harrison, Salathiel   105th OVI Co. I  captured at Chickamuaga, (b. 1845) Bloomfield
Harrison, Sylvester K.   177th OVI Co. G, (1842 – 1915 Evergreen) Bloomfield
Harsh, George  14th OH Battery  Sgt., 196th OVI Co. E, (1838 – 1896 Oakwood) Warren
Harshman, Allen A.  5th NY Heavy Artillery Battery E,  (1844 – 1930 Champion) Champion
Harshman, Alva R.   2nd OVC Co. D,  (1830 – 1912 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Harshman, Benedict B.  20th OVI Co. H  (1833 – 1915 West) Farmington
Harshman, Charles E. 125th OVI Co. B  2nd Lt., (1845 – 1892 Oakwood) Southington
Harshman, Curtis O. 6th OVC Co. G  (1843-1862 Camp Dennison, Girard-Liberty Union) Howland
Harshman, Sylvester T. 125th OVI Co. B, (1825-1897 Hillside) W. Farmington
Hart, Adelbert M. 105th OVI Co. B, POW (1844-d.1864 aboard ship “Northern Light”, buried at sea) Farmington  
Hart, Calvin C.  41st OVI Co. A, 1st  Lt.  (1831-k.1862 Stones River, Stones River Nat’l Cem) Hartford
Hart, Clinton O.  19th OVI Co. C, (1839-1913 Oakwood) Warren
Hart, Henry C.  2nd OVC, Co. C  Sgt.  (1830-1864 Andersonville Prison) Brookfield
Hart, Melancton C. 171st OVI Co. H  (1846-1901 Oaklawn Mausoleum) Farmington
Hart, Seth  105th OVI Co. B, (1842-1925 Sager) N. Bristol
Hart, Simeon  105th OVI Co. B   musician, (1844-1891 Center) Brookfield
Hart, Thomas C.   2nd OVC Co. C, 128th OVI Co. B, (b.1840)  Brookfield
Hart, Velorous M.   2nd OVC Co. D, 2nd Lt. (1841-1925 Oakwood)  Farmington
Hartley, Thomas J.  75th NY Co. E, wounded, (1835-1915 Oakwood)    Warren
Hartman, Daniel  2nd OVC Co. G  (1843-1861 Washington) Champion
Hartshorn, Fordyce D.  6th OVC Co. D (1815-1881 N F East) Newton Falls
Harvey, Luther W.  12th PA Cav Co. B  (1818-1904 Burghill-Hayes) Hartford
Harwood, John Avery  125th OVI Co. C  wounded at Missionary Ridge & Kenesaw Mountain, (1845 – 1909 West) Farmington
Harwood, John C.  143rd OVI Co. D (1837 – 1923 Center) Bloomfield
Hatch, Arlington J.  171st OVI Co. H, Corporal, (b.1838) Mesopotamia
Hatch, Edwin I.   171st OVI Co. H (1846-1917 Pinecrest) Southington
Hatch, Harlan H.   171st OVI Co. H  Captain,  (1826-1888 West)  Farmington
Hatch, John N.  41st OVI Co. H (1834-1885 Pinecrest) Southington
Hatch, Nathan  125th OVI Co. B (1841-k.1864 Kenesaw Mountain) Southington
Hatch, Palmer D.  123rd OVI Co. B, (1839-1924 Pinecrest) Southington
Hathaway, Allison J.   19th OVI Co. G  Corporal, disabled  (1840-1891 Oakwood) Warren
Haughton, Henry A. 171st OVI Co. H  Corporal (1832-1917 Fulton Co, OH) Southington
Haughton, Lester J.  171st OVI Co. H, 184th OVI Co. H, (1845-1930 Oaklawn Mausoleum) Southington
Haughton, Marcus B.   171st OVI Co. H  (1837-1895 Pinecrest) Southington  
Havens, Levi  3rd NY Light Artillery Battery C, Corporal, 148th NY Co. A, 100th NY Infantry Co. G.(1835-1901 Parkman) Southington
Hawkins, Gaylord B.  2nd OVC, Chaplain,  (1816-1862 Ft. Leavenworth, KS, Oakwood) Warren
Hawley,  Joel  105th OVI Co. C, (1830-1914 Ridge-Rand) Vienna
Hawley, Theodore F. 19th OVI Co. F, 41st OVI Co. B, Post-war Post Master, Girard (1840-1916 Carroll Co. Arkansas) Liberty
Hayden, Chauncy  125th OVI Co. B, (1845-1877 Casterline) Cortland  
Hayden, George B.  2nd OVC Co. C, 2nd Lt. (1839-1923 Los Angeles) Cortland   
Hayes, Aaron  84th OVI Co. C,(1837-1911 West Street) Hartford
Hayes, Edward   29th OVI Co. C  Captain, Major, Lt. Col., captured at Port Republic, wounded at Dug Gap, GA (1830-1899 Burghill-Hayes) Hartford
Hayes, George W. (Hays)  6th OVC Co. D  captured & held at Libby & Belle Isle, (1840-1897 Ridge-Rand) Fowler  
Hayes, Picton  6th OVC Co. D (1842-1920 Ridge-Rand) Fowler
Hayford, Anson E. 2nd OVC Co. D, 125th OVI Co. C  (1833-1864 Andersonville Prison) Greene
Hayhusk, James   6th OVC Co. I, (1838-1919 Oakwood) Bazetta  
Haynes, Henry E. 14th OH Battery (b. 1830)  Bloomfield
Haynes, Fayette  171st OVI Co. G,  (1845 – 1927 Kinsman New ) Kinsman  
Haynes, George F.  41st OVI Co. A Sgt. (1836-1910 Chicago) Vernon
Haynes, Orlando W. 41st OVI Co. A, Corporal, 60th OVI Co. G, 2nd Lt., twice wounded (1838-1917 MI) Vernon
Hays, Robert R.  148th OVI Co. E,(1839-1896 Center) Vienna
Heald, Wallace A.  47th WI Co. F (1850-1929 Oakwood) Warren  
Heath, Thomas  125th OVI Co. B (1831-1863 Nashville) Brookfield
Heckman, William  145th PA Co. G Corporal POW, (1837-1909 Hillside) Cortland
Hedden, Daniel E.  19th OVI Co. C (3 mo’s), 6th OVC Commissary Sgt., (b. 1843 West) Farmington
Hedden, Robert E. 19th OVI Co. C (3 mo’s) 6th OVC Co. D  1st Lt. (1839-1890 West) Farmington
Hedges, Samuel B.  2nd PA Heavy Artillery Battery A, (1844-1917 Oakwood) Greensburg
Hedges, John B.  57th PA Co.C & G, (1837-1909) Bristolville
Helsey, William J.   19th OVI Co. G, Corporal  (1839-1916 Pinecrest)  Southington
Helwig, Casper  Trumbull Guards, Corporal (1823-1897 Riverside-Kerr) Mineral Ridge
Henry, Albert   145th PA Co. G, 25th U.S.C.T. Co. E, 1st Lt. (1841-1933 Edgewood Cem., Ashtabula) Vernon
Henry, Albert J.  102nd PA Co. B, Corporal (1843-1864 Washington D.C.) Kinsman
Henry, Alfred J.  41st OVI Co. A, Corporal (1843-1920 IL)  Vernon
Henry, George H.  107th PA Co.D (1845-1927) Kinsman
Henry, Wallace J.  125th OVI Co.B, Corporal (1832-1910 Padanaram) Kinsman
Henry, William  177th OVI Co. C  (1845-1927 Kinsman New)
Henry, William W. 19th OVI Co. C, Corporal, (1842-1925 Oakwood) Warren
Herbert, William  W. 171st OVI Co. F  2nd Lt., (1837-1912 Oakwood) Warren
Herron, Abram  25th U.S. Colored Troops Co. A, (1843-1896 PA) Warren
Herst, Henry  105th OVI Co. B, (1843-1862 Munfordsville, KY) Braceville  
Herst, John W. (a.k.a. John W. Davis) 19th OVI Co. G, (1836-1916 Saginaw Co, MI) Braceville 
Herst, William F.  19th OVI Co. G,  2nd Lt.  (1841-1898) Braceville
Hescock, Hezediah H.  105th OVI Co. I  captured at Perryville, (1843-1910 Sager) N. Bristol
Hescock, Henry W.  7th OVI Co. H (1844-1896 Maple Grove) Hubbard
Hettrick, Gabriel  107th PA, Co. D, POW Weldon RR, (1834-1916 Maple Grove) Hubbard
Hewey, George   41st OVI Co. A  wounded at Chickamauga, 171st OVI Co. A  (1843-1916) Mecca
Hewey, Samuel   41st OVI Co. A , 84th OVI Co. C (1845-1927 Sandusky Soldiers Home) Mecca
Hewey, Thomas H.  41st OVI Co. A  Drummer, 171st OVI Co. A  (1822-1892 West Mecca) Mecca
Hewitt, Asbury  41st OVI Co. A, MIA  Pickett’s Mills, GA, (b. 1844)  Hartford
Hewitt, George  171st OVI Co. F, (1837 – 1908 Lutheran & German Reformed) Southington
Hewitt, John O.   84th OVI Co. C,  (1844-1868 Oakwood) Warren
Hewitt, Otis M.  18th OVI Co. D,  (1836-1869 Oakwood) Mesopotamia
Hickey, Joseph    84th OVI Co. C, 171st OVI Co. B Sgt. (1840-1899 Niles Union) Niles
Hickok, James S. 19th OVI Co. G  (1816-1885 N F East) Newton
Hickok, Sidney  6th OVC Co. B, (1848-1934 IL)  Braceville
Hickox (Hicok), Franklin S.  19th OVI Co. G  (1843-1864 Andersonville)  Braceville
Hickox, James S.  19th OVI Co. G,  disabled,  6th OVC Co. D, (1816-1885) Newton Falls
Hickox, Millans R.  2nd OVC Co. D, (1837-1864 Andersonville) Farmington
Hickox, William D.   2nd OVC Co. D  Sgt.  wounded & captured Ashland Station, VA,  (1839 – 1913 East) Farmington
Hier, George  105th OVI Co. C, 38th OVI Co. C  (1841-1873 Welsh Baptist) Weathersfield
Higgins, Hiel  125th OVI Co. C, (1837-k.1864 Franklin, TN, Stones River Nat’l Cem) Greene
Higgins, Sidney   125th OVI Co. C   Sgt, (1828-1901 Greenlawn) Greene
Higley, Brainard Spencer  155th OVI Co. D, Corporal  (1835-1916 Belmont) Youngstown
Higley, Henry  2nd OVC Co. G, (1837-1917 Portage Co) Mesopotamia
Hill, Archibald  125th OVI Co. C, Corporal (b.1842)  Brookfield
Hill, Charles M.   12th US Colored Troops,  Co. A, former slave,  (1830-1912, Oakwood)  Warren
Hill, Elisha 105th OVI Co. E   (1839-1916 West) Farmington
Hill, Isaac N.    134th PA Co. A, (1841-1917) Hartford
Hill, Joseph 41st OVI Co. C (1820 – 1877) Liberty
Hill, Leonidas H.  145th PA Co. G (1844-1864 Old Gustavus) Fowler
Hill, Levant    29th OVI Co. E, VRC,  POW,  (1836 – 1915 Oaklawn Mausoleum) Monroe, Ashtabula Co.
Hillier, Daniel M.   6th OVC Co. I, (1827-1883) Mecca
Hillman, Herbert  105th OVI Co. B Corporal (1842-1906 Evergreen) Greene
Hillman, Zelotus C. 171st OVI Co. F, Corporal (1832-1903 Greenlawn) Greene
Hillyer, Milton  6th OVC Co. I  (1827-1883 West Mecca) Mecca
Hillyer, Philetus B.  Trumbull Guards, Corporal  (1827-1909 MN) Gustavus
Hiltabiddle, Daniel W. 125th OVI Co. G (1822-1886 Glendale, Akron, OH) Warren
Hine, Franklin E.  2nd OVC Co. D POW (1846-1864 Andersonville) Johnston
Hine, Ira A. 171st OVI Co. F (1829-1902 N F East) Newton Falls
Hipple, Sidney  171st OVI Co. F, (1846-1937 Lutheran Cem) Lordstown
Hirschfield, Edward   73rd PA Co. G  wounded at Gettysburg, (1825-1892 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Hirst, Giles C.    19th OVI Co. B (1837-1885 Disciples-Price-Hall) Hubbard
Hitchcock, Edmund  19th OVI Co. G (1835-1912 Evergreen) Johnston
Hitchcock, Joseph 31st OVI Co. G  (1830 – 1916 Belmont) Boardman
Hobart, Calvin  83rd PA Co. B (1848-1906 North View) Gustavus
Hobart, Clinton  171st OVI Co. G, (1842-1905 Kinsman New)Kinsman
Hobart, Oscar  171st OVI Co. G, (1840-1904 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Hobart, Thomas C.  171st OVI Co. G  (1844-1922 Kinsman Old) Vernon 
Hobbs, William H. 1st WV Light Artillery Battery D, 5th WV Co. H, (1842-1917 KS) Mineral Ridge
Hoffman George W.  2nd OVI Co. C, Wagoner (1818-1899 Newton Falls East) Newton Falls
Hoffman, Henry   86th OVI Co. G, (1830-1907 West) Farmington
Hoffman, Rudolph  16th OVI Co. E, 166th OVI Co. I (1843-1895 North View) Gustavus
Hohn, George F.  171st OVI Co. F (1831-1899 N F East)  Newton Falls
Holcomb, Charles R. 6th OVC, 2nd OVC Co. H, (1840-1926 IA) Vernon
Holcomb, Daniel I.   41st OVI Co. A, Corporal  Medal of Honor awarded  (1841-1894 Sedalia, MO) Hartford
Holcomb, Hiram  D. 177th OVI Co. D, Corporal  (1834-1900 Evergreen South) Cortland
Holcomb, Judson  B. 41st OVI Co. A, wounded at Chickamauga (1842-1864 Nashville, Giddings Cem) Vernon
Holcomb, Robert N.  105th OVI Co. I, (1843-1926 Sandusky Solider’s Home, Fairview) Mesopotamia
Holcomb, Virgil  A. 41st OVI Co. A  (1836-1863 Reederville, TN, Stones River Nat’l Cem) Vernon
Holder, Joseph H.   6th OVC Co. G (1841-1913 SD)  Liberty
Holeton, Charles R.  171st OVI Co. B, (1845-1923 Niles Union) Niles
Holland, George W.  102nd OVI Co. C, ( 1842-1885 Oakwood)  Warren
Holland, Nathan  14th Light Artillery, Bugler  (1828-1864 Cleveland,  Oakwood)
Hollenbeck, Lucius  6th OVC Co. K  Corporal, (1831-1904 Hillside) Parkman
Hollenbeck, Vincent W.  171st OVI Co. C, (1823-1900 Maple Grove) Church Hill
Holloway, Leonard  19th OVI Co. E (3 mo’s), 76th OVI Co. F, Sgt. Major,  wounded at Goldsboro (1843-1925 Niles Union) Niles
Holmes, William A. 87th OVI Co. B (b.1837-1920 PA, Hillside) Farmington
Holt, Lewis B.     2nd OVC Co. D, Teamster, (1836-1923 Center)  Braceville
Holton, Richard    27th OVI Co. C, (1833-1913 Fowler Center) Fowler
Holtzclaw, George W. 12th PA Cav Co. L (1837-1887 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Hood, Amos L.   19th OVI Co. C, 171st OVI Co. D, (1838-1925 Liberty Union) Girard
Hood, Henry   171st OVI Co. F,  wounded at Keller’s Bridge, KY (1827-1911 Ohltown) Mineral Ridge
Hood, John B.   6th OVC Co. E, captured at Emmetsburg, PA, POW  (1830-1910 Girard-Liberty Union) Mineral Ridge
Hood, Levi    20th OVI Co. H  (1837 – 1901 Riverside-Kerr) Weathersfield
Hood, Michael J.  105th OVI Co. C, (1842-1915 Liberty Union) Liberty
Hood, Samuel 20th OVI Co. H (1834-1889 Soaptown) Liberty
Hood, Nehemiah Scott    171st OVI Co. B, (1830-1864 Ohltown) Weathersfield
Horner, James  41st OVI Co. K, Captain, (b.1827) Mesopotamia
Horton, William   14th OH Battery, Sgt., (1819-1908) Greene
Hosford, Orville N. 6th OVC Co.C,  2nd OVC Co.G, (1840-k.1863 Knoxville Nat’l Cem) Johnston  
Hottle, James D.   14th OH Battery, (1843-1862 Cave Hill Nat’l Cem, KY) Bristol  
Houlette,  Albert (Howlett)  19th OVI Co. B  wounded at Nashville, disabled, (b.1846) Hubbard
Houlette, Lewis (Honlette)  19th OVI Co. B, (1840-1899 AR) Hubbard
House, Alonzo A.   6th OVC Co. A, Sgt., (1834-1912 Sager) Bristol
House, William H.  121st NY Co. A (1840-1904 Oakwood) Warren
Housel, Isaac  Trumbull Guards, (1841-1910 East) Farmington
Housel, Sylvanus    6th OVC Co. D (1845-1864 Washington D.C., East Cem) Farmington  
Hover, James S.  (Hoover) 171st OVI Co. C, (1834-1918 Disciple-Price-Hall) Hubbard
Hover, Jessie H. (Hoover)  171st OVI Co. C  (1827 – 1894 Disciple-Price-Hall) Hubbard
Hover, William H. (Hoover)  171st OVI Co. C  wounded Keller’s Bridge, KY, (1837-1912 Disciple-Price-Hall)  Hubbard
Howard, William H. 177th OVI Co. C  (1845-1927 Kinsman Old) Kinsman
Howe, George W. Surgeon, Medical Examiner of Volunteers for 19th Congressional District,(1809-1884 Brownwood) Bloomfield
Hoyt, Amasa T.  19th OVI Co. C,  171st OVI Co. A,  (1841-1911 Oakwood) Warren
Hoyt, John S.   84th OVI Co. C, (1844-1926) Warren
Hubbard, Nathaniel N.   6th US Colored Troops Co. B, 1st Lt., wounded at Ft. Harrison, VA, 5th U.S.C.T. Co. C, Captain  (1843-1868 Greenlawn) Greene
Hubert, Hudson  19th OVI Co. B , wounded at Atlanta (1840-1911 IN) Hubbard
Hubler, Horatio   67th OVI Co. I, 86th OVI CO. A, 84th OVI Co. B, (1842-1891 Oak Hill) Niles
Hudson, Milo   171st OVI Co. B  (1849-1914 Ohltown) Weathersfield
Hudson, Samuel   171st OVI Co. F, (1834-1880 Center) Braceville
Huff, Harvey A.  6th PA Artillery Battery M, (1835-1924 Maple Grove) Hubbard
Hughes, Christian B. 105th OVI Co. C, Musician  captured at Chickamauga, escaped (1841-1933 Niles Union) Weathersfield
Hughes, Howard M.  41st OVI Co. G,  (1830-1917 West) Farmington
Hughes, Samuel  20th OVI Co. H, Corporal, (b.1817) Weathersfield 
Hughes, William  105th OVI Co. B Sgt., VRC (1839-1920 Belmont Co) Farmington
Hughes, William E.  20th OVI Co. H, Musician,  (1847-1935 OR) Weathersfield
Hulbert, Otis    19th OVI Co. B (1830 – 1888 Maple Grove) Hubbard   
Hulin, Kidder 19th OVI Co. C (1837-1919 MO) Braceville 
Hulin, Simeon S. 19th OVI Co. C (1833-1921 MI) Braceville
Hull, George M.  19th OVI Sgt. Major, Co. A, 2nd Lt., Co. G, D, 1st Lt. (1838-1921 WA) Warren
Hull, Hiram   6th OVC Co. G,  Corporal, wounded at Ladd’s Farm, VA,  wounded at Five Forks, VA, (1845-1927 Vienna Center) Bazetta
Hull, Riley  6th OVC Co. D  wounded at New Creek Station, VA,  (1843-1913 Disciples) Cortland
Hull, William 7th WI Co. C, Corporal (1842-k.1863 Gettysburg) Hubbard  
Hulse, Eben B.  2nd OVC Co. C, Farrier, (1841-1877 Allen Co. OH) Bazetta
Hulse, Eber W.  36th IL Co. G, 141st IL Co. F (1842-1915 Girard-Liberty Union) Bazetta
Hulse, Richard K.   125th OVI Co. B , Sgt. (1828-1915 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Hulse, Wilson S. 105th OVI Co. B  Sgt. (1843-1914 Akron, OH) Mecca
Hultz, John H.  2nd OVC Co. C (1841-1931 Dayton, OH)  Hubbard  
Hume, Alfred W. 19th OVI Co. B, 171st OVI Co. C  Sgt. (1840-1903 NV) Hubbard
Humes, Charles  19th OVI Co. B   MIA at Shiloh, (1837-1862) Hubbard
Hummel, John W.  49th MA Militia, Co. C  (1824-1886 Oakwood) Warren
Hunt, Alfred C.  20th OVI Co. H, (1847-1894 Oakwood) Warren
Hunt, Charles R.  6th OVC, Quarter Master,  (1820-1873 Oakwood) Warren  
Hunt, David L. 7th OVI Co. H, Corporal (b.1834) Braceville
Hunt, James A. 7th OVI Co. H, wounded Winchester, VA, (1840-1862 Old Champion) Champion
Hunter, John S.  7th OVI Co. H (3 mo’s), 14th OH Battery, wounded at Shiloh,16th Reg’t VRC, (b.1841) Weathersfield
Hunter, Joseph  2nd OVC Co. C, (1831-1865 Brookfield) Brookfield
Hunter, William L.  Tawnes Company Independent PA Infantry, (1848-1925 Oakwood)  Bristol
Huntley, Almer O., Barters Independent Sharpshooters, (1842-1920 Center) Bloomfield
Huntley, Calvin W.   6th OVC Co. B, (1813-1906 Evergreen) Bristolville
Huntley, George R.  63rd OVI unassigned  (1838-1923 Sandusky Soldiers Home) Mecca  
Huntley, Lay G. (Leigh)  6th OVC Co. E, VRC (1842-1925 WI)  Bristol
Huntley, Scott F.   23rd OVI Co. E, (1847-1936 Evergreen) Bristol
Hurd, Jason    19th OVI Co. G  2nd Lt., Co. A, D, I  1st Lt. (1834-1887 Center)   Braceville
Hurlburt, Homer   105th OVI Co. I captured at Perrysville, exchanged (1837-1894 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Hutchins, Francis   51st OH Militia, Captain, 171st OVI Co. A, Captain, Supt. of Johnson’s Island Prison, Judge Advocate of  military commissions at Cincinnati,(1826-1913 Oakwood)  Warren  
Hutchins, Horace E.  Trumbull Guards (1826-1896 KS) Vienna
Hutchins, Uriel H.  Lt. Col. U.S. Army, Paymaster (1818 – 1872 Oakwood) Warren
Hutchinson, Jotham   57th PA Co. C, (1811-1893) Brookfield
Hutton, Lewis  12th U.S. Infantry Co. A, (1845-1935 Hillside) Cortland
Huxley, Dorsey W.  20th OVI Co. H, killed at Raymond, MS, (1838 – 1864) Braceville
Hyde, Sylvester  29th OVI Co. A, (1820-1893) Farmington